Bonar / Banarsky / Bernhardt

1890 – Sam Bonar: Born in Kishinev, Bessarabia, Imperial Russia

A short account regarding the surnames of Ashkenazim

Sam Bonar’s birthplace, Kishinev

1903-1905 – Kishinev Pogroms

1910 – Sails from Vancouver B.C. to Sydney, NSW, Australia

1914-1921 – Works as a ‘Showman’ throughout Australia

1918 – Arrested for Breach of Alien Registration

Sam’s arrest in historical context:

1919 – Ownership of land in Mt. Hutton, New South Wales; Letter petitioning for Australian Citizenship

1921 – Australian Citizenship granted

1923 – Sails to San Francisco, California and settles in Los Angeles

Aspects of the steamship Ventura

1924 – Sam Marries Sylvia Block in Los Angeles, California

1925 – Jacob ‘Jackie’ Bonar born to Sam and Sylvia Bonar in Kaspare Cohn Hospital

Kaspare Cohn Hospital where Sylvia’s child was born

1928 – Sylvia Block Bonar dies

1929 – Sam Marries Margie Steinman-Gruenberg with son Merrill

1933 – Sam and Margie sign their respective Declarations of Intention to become US Citizens

1937 – Donald Bonar born to Sam and Margie Bonar

1939 – Margie and Sam granted US Citizenship

1940 – Jack Bonar dies in an accident, Sam dies a year later

1941 – Sam dies of coronary disease

The fate of Sam Bonar’s European family members during World War II

The Bonar Brothers: Later Years

Summary: Sam Bonar


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