1918 – Arrested for Breach of Alien Registration

Sam Bonar - Conviction of Alien

May 2, 1918 - Conviction of Alien document

It was on May 2, 1918, during the time Sam was working in Maryborough in the State of Queensland, that he was arrested for failing to register as an alien, and brought before the court.  The Australian government fined Sam 2 Pounds plus 3/6th of the court costs and gave him 14 days to pay. Up to that time, Sam had been registered in the State of Victoria in the tiny town of  Murtoa.

Grafton Letter

This postcard to Sam from E. Ridgway, who was in in Grafton NSW at the time, makes mention of the fact that Sam is now back in the state of Queensland...again. Perhaps this is a reference to the fact that Sam had been arrested in that state while on a previous assignment at the showgrounds in Maryborough. Also included in the message is a reference to the Grafton Showgrounds: "We were in Grafton at the Showtime".

Grafton Showgrounds

The Grafton Showgrounds

Grafton Letter2

Reverse side of the letter sent by E. Ridgway in Grafton NSW to Sam, who was in the state of Queensland at the time. The scene is of Susan Island in Grafton which is not far from the Grafton Showgrounds.

Maryborough Queensland

Maryborough, Queensland where Sam was arrested for failing to register as an alien. Apparently he did not realize that he had to register in each and every state of Australia where he would be traveling as a showman.

Maryborough Showgrounds

Location of the Maryborough Showgrounds where Sam was arrested.

Maryborough Showgrounds2

A satellite view of the Maryborough Showgrounds

Murtoa Victoria near Melbourne

Murtoa near Melbourne where Sam had registered as an alien in the state of VIctoria.

Murtoa Victoria

Murtoa, Victoria. Note the showgrounds with its racetrack.


  1. I have never met anyone else with the same past name, so your site is very interesting to me. I am a decendant of Jack Bonar. Dale Bonar’s son. Just curious-are we somehow related?

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