The Bonar Brothers: Later Years

During the war years following Sam’s untimely death in 1941, Herman Lentzner, the husband of Margie’s double-cousin Tillie, arranged a job for her wherein she could do piecework at home for one of Herman’s textile connections. Nine years after Sam’s passing, Margie married again, this third time to Harry Kaitz. They tied the knot in 1950, the same year that Merrill married Sandra Kantoff-Green.

Sam had been the second husband of Margie Steinman and the step-father of Merrill Gruenberg-Bonar. Three families descend from the 1950 marriage of Merrill Bonar and Sandra Kantoff-Green. These are the families of:

1) Jeffrey Bonar and Nanci Lanes

2) Nancy Bonar and Charles Lehrer

3) As per an explicit request on 12/5/09: all historical information, including documents and photographs, pertaining to the the third family descended from Merrill  Gruenberg-Bonar and Sandra Kantoff-Green has been expunged from the Bonar Family History Site.

Don, Merrill & Margie.jpg

Donald Bonar, together with his half-brother Merrill Gruenberg Bonar and their mother Margie Steinman


Donald Bonar in May 2007

Prior to his retirement, Donald resided in Los Angeles and worked as a corporate manager and later as a real-estate broker.


Wayne Langham in May 2007

Wayne Langham, Don’s partner, was a key and honored administrator in the Los Angeles Public Schools (LAUSD) prior to his retirement.


Sam Bonar’s Legacy at a party celebrating Merrill Bonar’s 80th Birthday. Seen left to right: Charles & Nancy Bonar Lehrer,;Nanci, Jeff & Sam Bonar; Sandra & Merrill Bonar; and their hosts Donald Bonar & Wayne Langham



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