1933 – Sam and Margie sign their respective Declarations of Intention to become US Citizens

In the year 1933 the Immigration and Naturalization Services was created in the US. Sam Bonar’s Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen is dated October 13, 1933, 10 years after his arrival from Australia. Margie’s Declaration of Intention is dated December 14, 1933, twelve years after her arrival from Poland. It would be another six years before Margie gave up her citizenship of Poland, and Sam his of Romania that was still recognized by the US. During the period when these documents were signed, Sam states that he dealt in fruits and vegetables. (Merrill Bonar has stated that Sam sold these items door-to-door together with his help and that of three other boys.  Merrill also recalls that Sam spoke several languages in doing this business, including Spanish). These documents also illustrate the various names by which Sam and Margie were legally identified.



Photographs and signatures of Sam and Margie Bonar in 1933 from their applications for US Citizenship

Sam Banarsky US Papers02.jpg

Samuel Banarsky / Bonar's Declaration of Intention: Los Angeles, October 13, 1933

Margie Bonar US Papers06.jpg

Masha ‘Margie Banarsky's Declaration of Intention: Los Angeles, December 14, 1933. Note that her surname is misspelled as Bonarsky.



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