1937 – Donald Bonar born to Sam and Margie Bonar

On November 27, 1936, Margie gave birth to her second son, Donald.

Margie, infant (Donald), Blanch Wyman

Don as an infant being held by Blanche Blatt Wyman while Margie looks on.


Don Bonar

Merrill and Selma with Margie.jpg

Margie’s 2nd son, Donald Bonar, is shown here with his arm around Selma Wyman Brustin, as his mother, Margie, looks on. This photo appears to have been taken in the backyard of the Bonar residence in Wilmar.

New Discoveries_0047

Donald with his mother, Margie. To the rear can be seen (l-r) Blanche and Jake Wyman, and Don’s father, Sam Bonar.

Aunt Rose and Donald repeat.jpg

Donald Bonar with Margie’s cousin, Rose Wyman Rosenbaum. circa 1948. Don remembers: “My Aunt Rose was a gem. I miss her to this day and think of her often”.

BANARSKY Additional02

Don Bonar at his Bar Mitzvah  with his mother, Margie

GRUENBERG Additional27

Don at Sandy and Merrill’s wedding in 1950

Don Bonar in Highschool

Don Bonar in high school

BANARSKY Additional04

Don Bonar

BANARSKY Additional05

Don Bonar

Donald Bonar

Don Bonar

Merrill & his brother, Don

Don with his half-brother, Merrill Gruenberg-Bonar. Don and Merrill’s mother was Margie Steinman. Don’s father was Sam Bonar (Merrill’s step-father) while Merrill’s father was Jack Gruenberg who died when Merrill was less than a year old.



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