1941 – Sam dies of coronary disease

Sam died in Garfield Hospital located in Monterey Park, CA (not far from his home in Wilmar) on September 8, 1941 from a coronary occlusion. He was buried on September 11th in Beth Olam Cemetery in Hollywood Forever Memorial Park, in the area just behind the Paramount Lot, and not far from his young son Jackie, who had died the year before. Sam was just 52 years old at the time. His profession at the time of death is listed as ‘Peddler: Fruit and Produce’. Margie, Merrill and Donald had been living at 2617 Prospect Avenue in Wilmar at the time of Sam’s death. Soon they would be moving into a new house in Hollywood.

With Sam’s passing, Margie and Merrill learned that there were three parcels of land from Sam’s Australian investment on which yearly taxes had to be paid. In time, Merrill would put up the land for sale.

Documents County of LA0003.jpg

Death Certificate of Sam Bonar


The Headstone of Samuel Bonar in the Beth Olam Cemetery, located in Hollywood Forever Memorial Park



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