1929 – Sam Marries Margie Steinman-Gruenberg with son Merrill

A little over a year after Sylvia’s passing, Sam married a widow, Margie Steinman Gruenberg. The marriage took place on April 21st, 1929 when Sam was 40 and Margie 26. Each partner brought one child to the new family: Jackie, who was Sam’s son by Sylvia Block; and Merrill, who was Margie’s son by Jack Gruenberg.


Marriage Announcement for Sam and Margie

Although we do not know how Sam met his first wife, Sylvia Block, we do have some insight as to Sam’s initial contact with Margie.

As is explained in the Lentzner chapter, Margie’s half-sister, Tillie Wyman, was married to Herman Lentzner. Herman’s brother, David, was married to Tillie-Beatrice Block.

Tillie Lentzner, f15 Jul 1970, p2C

Obituary for Tillie-Beatrice Block Lentzner, wife of David Lentzner. Tillie might have been the cousin of Sam Bonar’s 1st wife, Sylvia Block.

If it could be verified that Tillie-Beatrice Block was Sylvia Block’s cousin, then it would be possible to speculate that Sam and Margie become acquainted through the Lentzner Family connection. Merrill, Margie’s son by Jack Gruenberg, has often stated that the marriage between Sam and Margie was one  ‘of convenience’, made for economic and child-raising purposes.

Bonar in Census of LA-Edit.jpg

1930 US Census for the Bonar Family


On the 1930 US Census, Sam’s occupation is listed as ‘Merchant: wholesale oranges and produce’.

Merrill and Jackie.jpg

Jackie Bonar with his step-brother Merrill Gruenberg, Margie’s son from her previous marriage to Jack Gruenberg.

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0018

Merrill Gruenberg with his step-brother, Jackie Bonar

Sam Bonar later days

Completing Sam and Margie’s family was Donald Bonar, seen here with his father, Sam Bonar (on a bench  to the rear). Sitting next to Sam is Blanche Wyman-Blatt Wyman, a cousin of Merrill’s mother, Margie, who is sitting on the ground.



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