1928 – Sylvia Block Bonar dies


As fate would have it, Sylvia (Hebrew name: Tsivya b. Yaakov) became very ill and died at the young age of 25 ½ on February 5, 1928, leaving the care of Jackie, who was 2 ½ years old, to Sam. Admitted into LA County General Hospital with broncho – pneumonia which had led, over a period of 7 months, to chronic myocarditis (inflammation of the muscular part of the heart), she died there on February 5, 1928 of cardiac arrhythmia and its resultant acceleration into curricular fibrillation. She was buried on February 7, 1928 in Mt. Zion Cemetery (Plot F06-16) in Los Angeles. Perhaps Sylvia suffered with pneumonia, or even tuberculosis, for a long time. This could explain why Jackie was born at Kaspare Cohn Hospital, a facility specifically set up for treating Jews with tuberculosis.

Sylvia Block Bonar-death certificate01.jpg

Death Certificate of Sylvia Block Bonar. Born July 26, 1902, she died on  February 5, 1928.



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