The Town/Duchy of Biržai in Imperial Russia, birthplace of Wolf and Jennie Brin

Rev. Wolf Brin in Chicago

Arthur Shapiro, son of Celia Brin and Zelig Shapiro, remembers Wolf Brin

The education of Wolf Brin’s daughters

World War II: The Riga Ghetto

Family of Celia Brin & Zelig Shapiro

Family of Rose Brin & Samuel Neuman

Family of Sarah Brin & Irwin Clorfene

Richard Clorfene / Chiam Clorfene’s Great Adventure

Family of Hanna Brin & Irving Schulman

Family of Leila ‘Tutu’ Brin

Family of Edith Brin & Joseph Poppie

Brin Power: Summary and Forward

  1. My Mother’s family names was Brin. They were from Kovno, Russia (or Lithuania at the time) (a town called Slabatka). Most of them settled in Dubuque, IA in 1894. Then on to Chicago, IL and Nashville (from Fayetteville) TN. A couple spent time in Vicksburg, MS and think we have family who might have gone to St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. My Great Grandmother had the Jennie Brin name and her maiden name might have been Linder. I was told the Brin name might have been Bricker in Lithania. We have Families with the name Shuman and Blumenthal (Bloom). Wonder if any of this sounds familiar.

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