Family of Edith Brin and Joseph Poppie

Joseph Poppie [original family name: Poppik] was a furrier by trade. Edith taught elementary school in Chicago, taking over the position vacated by her sister, Sarah Brin Clorfene.


Joseph Poppie and Edith Brin

Tutu's Photo Collection33

Edith Brin with her husband, Joe Poppie, during their younger years

Sandra, Joe Poppie, Linda Poppie - South Haven Dune 1940.jpg

Joe Poppie in 1940 with his niece, Sandra Kantoff (standing) and daughter, Linda

Tutu's Photo Collection16

Edith Brin Poppie with her children Carl and Linda

BRIN Additional07

Linda Poppie with her baby brother, Carl

BRIN Additional44

Joe Poppie with his son, Carl, who was adopted.

BRIN Additional20

Linda Poppie during her teenage years

Tutu's Photo Collection36

Linda with her parents, Joe and Edith Poppie


Edith and Joe Poppie with their daughter, Linda, and her 2nd husband, Bruce Taylor


Linda and Bruce Taylor with their respective children: front row l-r: Chris (Bruce’s son), Linda, Bruce, Mitchell (Linda’s son); back row l: Keith (Linda’s son)


Linda Poppie’s sons: l-r Mitchell Alan and Keith



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