Family of Hanna Brin and Irving Schulman

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0025

Hanna Brin Schulman


Hanna and Irving Schulman. Irving was an investor in real estate.

Edith and Hanah

Hanna and her sister…Edith Brin Poppie

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0019

Hanna in her studio

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0021

Hanna with her latest works

Michael, Don, Ella, Joan, Barbara, J Brin, Wayne - Debbie, Jessica, Hanah, Irving, Dianie, Joshua Schulman.jpg

Hanna and Irwin with their children and grandchildren. Back row: Michael+, Don & Ella Schulman, Joan, Barbara, J. Brin, Wayne+ Front row: Debra*, Jessica*, Hanna, Irving, Dyane*, and Joshua*. [ *J. Brin and Barbara’s children; + Donald and Ella’s children

Inrving, Sid Brosten, Joan (Schulman-Brosten), Hanah Schulman backyard 7850 Whitsett.jpg

Hanna and Irving with their daughter, Joan Schulman and her 1st husband, Sidney Brosten: Irving and Sid stand in back of Joan and Hanna


Hanna and Irving Schulman with their three children: Donald, Joan, and J Brin

Tutu's Photo Collection12

J Brin Schulman at his Bar Mitzvah. l-r: Sandra Bonar, Rose Brin Neuman, J Brin, Hanna Brin Schulman (J Brin’s mom), Cantor


Hanna Brin Schulman with son J. Brin, his wife, Barbara, and son Don.

J. Brin and his wife. Barbara

J. Brin Schulman, son of Hanna and Irving, and his wife, Barbara

GARAGE Nov. 2012

Jessica (5), Joshua (2 1/2), and Debbie (7) Schulman

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0001

Dayan Schulman at one year. She passed away in December of 2010. Her dad, J Brin, died the following month.

Iriet Schulman, the youngest daughter of J.Brin and Barbara Schulman, was born in 1975 after her four siblings: Jessica,  Joshua, Debbie, and Dayan.


J Brin Schulman, son of Hanna and Irving, with his wife Barbara. J Brin (d. January 2011) was a prominent Los Angeles lawyer; Barbara, an RN, is a hospital administrator.

Additional Family_0002

J Brin Schulman

One of J Brin Schuman’s most famous cases involved Groucho Marx. The following article, one of dozens documenting the highly-publicized ‘event’, describes a deadlock in the trial as reported in the LA Times for March 26, 1983.



J Brin Schulman


  1. Hi! My name is Iriet Schulman. I am the youngest daughter of J.Brin and Barbara Schulman. I seem to have been missed as I was born in 1975 after my four siblings. I love your page and the photos! I wanted to say hello and introduce myself as I am and have always been honored to be the Schulman baby of 5. 🙂 Thanks for this site!

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