Family of Rose Brin and Samuel Neuman

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0022

Rose Brin with her husband, Samuel Neuman. Sam’s original family name was Nachamroysky

Aunt Rose, Harry, Tutu, Sam.jpg

Rose Brin Neuman, Harry Green (Leila’s 2nd husband), Leila Brin Green, Samuel Neuman


Rose, Sandra, Leila 1944

Rose Brin Neuman, Sandra Kantoff-Green Bonar, Leila Brin Kantoff /Green. November 1944

Rose Neuman's Obit Dec. 21, 1967

Rose Brin Neuman’s Obituary. Los Angeles December 21, 1967.

Sam Neuman's Obit Aug. 28, 1978

Sam Neuman’s Obituary. Los Angeles Times August 28, 1978.

Lucielle and Bill Neuman 1925.jpg

Lucille and Elliot ‘Bill’ Neuman, the children of Rose Brin and Samuel Neuman in 1925

Bill and Lucielle Neuman

Bill and Lucielle Neuman. June 1957

Lucille with her aunts Leila and Edith

Lucielle with her Brin Family aunts, Leila and Edith

Sandy & Merrill with Lucille and Marvin

l-r: Merrill Bonar, Lucielle Neuman Nixon, Sandra Kantoff-Green Bonar, and Marvin Nixon. Lucille and Sandra’s mothers, Rose and Leila, were sisters.

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0004

Marvin Nixon’s daughter, Wendy, and her husband.

New Discoveries_0204

Heidi Nixon, Marv and Lucille’s adopted daughter.

Marvin-Lucielle Nixon, Sam - Rose Neuman, Bill - Jewel Neuman - Dec 1952.jpg

l-r: Marvin Nixon and his wife, Lucille Neuman; Samuel Neuman and his wife, Rose Brin Neuman; Elliot ‘Bill’ Neuman and his wife, Jewel

Edith, Hanah, Rose, Bill, Jewel, Sam, Leila, Sara Dec 1952

l-r: Edith Brin Poppie, Hanna Brin Schulman, Rose Brin Neuman, Elliot ‘Bill’ Neuman and his wife Jewel, Samuel Neuman, Leila Brin Kantoff / Green, Sara Brin Clorfene. Dec 1952



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