BRIN POWER! Summary and Forward

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BRIN POWER: Five proud Brin sisters: Hanna, Sarah, Rose, Leila, and Edith. Actually, there were 6 sisters, but Celia died about 1926.

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Four of the Brin Sisters in later years with their husbands standing behind them: Front row Sarah, Hanna, Leila & Edith; Back row: Irwin Clorfene, Irving Schulman, (Sam Neuman, husband of Rose Brin, and an unknown gentleman), Barnett Wiener, and Joseph Poppie.


The Headstone of Wolf Brin in the Beth Olam Cemetery, located in Hollywood Forever Memorial Park

To be sure, the Brins are an interesting group of people with many accomplishments to their credit, not the least being their devotion to religion and education. In the next chapter we will be turning to the legend of the man who was perhaps the most-fascinating member the entire Bonar Family, the fabled Uncle Herman Lentzner, a man with virtually no formal education.

Totally lacking in the culture of the Brin Family, Herman Lentzner was a self-made individual who, despite the fact that he never learned to read or write in any language nor even do simple arithmetic, rose to be an outstanding Los Angeles businessman. According to Merrill Bonar, Herman stood in stark contrast to his own quiet-spoken stepfather, Sam Bonar. A rough man, Herman got his ideas across with verve, to say the least; and, most-importantly Herman knew how to delegate to others what was impossible for him.

Herman amassed an incredible fortune, which he shared with his wife Tillie, and, on occasion, with other members of he family when they were in need. As Herman and Tillie had no children, upon Tillie’s death their estate was divided among their relatives, part going to the Tillie and Herman Lentzner Trust Fund administered by Tillie’s relative, Eugene Wyman.

Herman’s is a story rich in detail. Here is a man who had a great deal of fun earning a living. It has been reported that Herman was responsible for ‘convincing’ the Miss America Pageant Committee to have the contestants in Atlantic City wear only Catalina Bathing Suits. Indeed, Catalina did remain the favorite of the Pageant for several years, and one can only guess that Herman had some yet-to-be-identified interest in the company, which now produces the Speedo line, sold throughout the world.


  1. Actually, there were 6 sisters, but Celia died about 1926

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