World War II: The Riga Ghetto

The 1935 Latvian census identified 93,479 Jews living in Latvia. It is estimated that about 70,000 Latvian Jews perished in the Holocaust, the great majority by December 1941. The totality and speed with which this mass murder was achieved meant that many families were completely destroyed with no one left to mourn or even inquire about the dead. As a result, disturbingly few of those killed have been identified. Approximately 70 per cent of the Holocaust victims of Latvia remain unidentified.

Jews from the surrounding lands (including Lithuania) were brought to the Riga Ghetto  during WW II. We have no information about Brin family members who may have still lived in the town of Birzai in Lithuania during this dreadful era.

The Riga Ghetto, 1941-43. For additional information click on this photograph.



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