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One of Uncle Herman's Millinery Shops was located in this Hollywood landmark.



Elvis made a movie in this family enterprise in Hollywood.

Elvis and Ed Asner2 in Glassmans

Are these guys really in a Bonar Establishment?

Huntinton Beach Oil Fields.jpg

Someone in the family invested in these, a got a real surprise after a storm.


One sector of the family originally lived in this Shtetl before coming to America.


A famous architect designed this apartment building for one of our family members.


As a kid, one of our family members lived in this Hollywood apartment building.







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Holsum Bread.jpg

One of the family members drove this electric truck!

Pago Pago Postcard US Naval Station.jpg

One of the family members traveled the world by ship; he bought this postcard during a refueling stopover in Pago Pago.

Chick practicing the Oboe c. 1958.jpg

Besides this guy, two additional family members play the oboe.

Death Certificate Jack Gruenberg01.jpg

A secret, heretofore unknown to living family members, is held in this document.

Maitland Showgroups Pic.jpg

One family member worked in the circuses and state fairs which were set up on these grounds in Australia.


The family member who was laid to rest here was thought to be a rabbi, which he was not. But one of his grandson's did become one, but not before he worked for the voice of Bugs Bunny, who is buried just across the way in this famous cemetery.

Shakers and Movers

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Merrill as a teenager in Glassmans Market.jpg

Merrill 'Daddy' Bonar

Tutu's Photo Collection34.jpg

Leila 'Tutu' Brin

Uncle Irwin Clorfene.jpg

Uncle Irwin 'Judge' Clorfene

Tutu's Photo Collection10.jpg

Sandra 'Mom' Bonar

Herman Letzner - Sl Louis.jpg

Uncle Herman Lentzner


Rosiland 'Roz' Wyman