Gruenberg / Bonar

Introduction: The Gruenbergs

Jack Gruenberg: a chronology of his life in Minneapolis and in Los Angeles 1918-28

Jack Gruenberg’s Forebears and his Five Siblings

The Mafia in Los Angeles and Al Gruenberg

Merrill Gruenberg / Bonar’s Childhood

Merrill Bonar’s Working Years

Elvis Presley on location at Glassman’s Market

The Bonar Siblings: Their Spouses and Children

  1. Hello–
    Great information on your site. Thanks for posting it all! I am researching gambling and rackets in Portland, Oregon, during the 1920-50s. Through the part of this period, one of the most prominent gambling figures in this city was Jack Green. I’m wondering if this could be Albert Gruenberg? I talked with the son of another leading Portland gambler (and race wire operator) ifrom this period who knew Jack Green and has a photo of him with his dad. He believes the Jack Green he knew was in fact Albert Gruenberg. I’m hoping to confirm that belief. Do you have any information that would shed light on whether Gruenberg resided in Portland during the middle ’30s and into the ’40s?


  2. This is a very interesting account of our family. I am a grandchild of Rose Gruenberg Lauber. My father was one of her twin boys, David L. Lauber. I was not the child of Rose’s older son, Marvin Lauber as stated in this chronology of family history. My mom is Shirley Weinberg Lauber, who’s sister, Florence Weinberg Lauber, was my Mom’s older sister. Therefore, two sisters married two brothers. Florence Lauber was married to my dad’s eldest brother, Marvin Lauber. Their daughter. as correctly stated in this chronology, is Marsha Susan Lauber-Kaufman. My parents married each other in Los Angeles, California in 1948. They originally met at Marvin and Florence Lauber’s wedding. The two sisters, Florence Weinberg Lauber and Shirley Weinberg Lauber, were from New York before relocating here in Los Angeles.

    My father was Al Gruenberg’s favorite nephew, BUT my Dad was not apart of Al’s infamous activities. Rose lost her husband, my grandfather Max, when he was just 32 years of age and David, my Dad, and Donald, his twin brother were just two years old. Rose, having a difficult time raising three boys, had one of her brothers help her to send Donald and David into the Navy (during WWII) at the age of 15. Donald became an anesthesiologist and Dad went on to become an electrical contractor and a custom home builder here in the exclusive communities of Beverly Hills, Encino,Universal City, and Woodland Hills, California.

    Both of my Dad’s brothers died at the age of 50, and thank God my Dad lived a good life until he was almost 80. He passed away on October 14, 2005. Dad was really close to Robert, “Bob” Gruenberg — the son of Wally and Peggy Gruenberg. They were close buddies and he was my favorite “Uncle Bob” — we talked all the time. Interestingly, family gatherings and holidays will never be the same without the two of them– Bob and Dad — engaging in their “heated” discussions. I am the only child of Shirley Weinberg Lauber and David L. Lauber.

    I became an Artist/Designer and an Entrepreneur –owned several businesses, which included 3 Baskin-Robbins stores. I am an educator and a counselor and possess two Master’s Degrees.I was married 3 times and I am passionate about kitties and doggies finding loving homes. My Mom, as well as, me live in the San Fernando Valley, CA.

    If you wish to have any other information from our side of this family tree, you can contact me with the information below. Merrill, I am guessing that you and your immediate family are responsible for this Website and gathering all this information. I, actually, found out about this site by my cousin, Betty Gruenberg, Hy and Bonnie Gruenberg’s daughter. Thanks for the postings

    Andrea Nadine Lauber, M.S., PPS

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