The Bonar Siblings: Their Spouses and Children

The descendants of Merrill and Sandra Bonar include two daughters and one son. The backgrounds of Nancy Bonar Lehrer and Jeffrey Bonar and their families are covered in full on the pages of this historical site.


These are the Hebrew names of Merrill and Sandra Bonar and their three children as notated by Merrill in 1980 during the period of his timely Bar Mitzvah.

The Hebrew names in the Bonar Family were derived from the names of Ashkenazic (Eastern European Jewish) ancestors as follows:

Jeffrey Bonar: Yakov Chaim ben Moshe

Yakov Chaim was Jeffrey’s paternal grandfather,  Jacob=Yacov ‘Jack’ Gruenberg.

Ben (son of) Moshe refers Jeffry’s father, Merrill (Moshe)

Janis Bonar Friedman: Shana Leah bat Moshe

Shana Leah was Janis’ maternal great-grandmother, Jennie Brin who was born Sheine Shnaider.

Bat (daughter of) Moshe refers to Janis’ father, Merrill (Moshe)

Nancy Bonar Lehrer: Nechama bat Moshe

Nechama (actually Necha) was Nancy’s paternal great-grandmother, Necha ‘Ada’ Wjman Szteynman.

Bat (daughter of) Moshe refers to Nancy’s father, Merrill (Moshe)

Merrill Gruenberg/Bonar: Moshe ben Yakov

Moshe ben (son of) Yakov was chosen by Merrill (born 1927) at the time of his timely Bar Mitzvah in 1980. It is known that Merrill was often referred to as Moyshele, diminutive of Moyshe, by his mother, Masha ‘Margie’ Sztejnman (Steinman). By co-incidence, Merrill’s paternal grandfather was Moyshe ‘Mose’ Gruenberg, a man he never met and of whom he had no knowledge.

Ben Yakov refers to Merrill’s father, Jacob=Yakov ‘Jack’ Gruenberg, who died by his own hand when Merrill was a mere 8 months old.

Sandra Kantoff/Green Bonar: Sarah Esther bat Ephraim

Sarah Esther was Sandra’s paternal grandmother, commonly known as Sarah Broftman Chaiet/Kantoff. Sarah died in 1931 (February 26); Sandra was born later that year on October 1st.

Bat (daughter of) Ephraim refers to Sarah’s father, Froim ‘Fred’ Chaiet/Kantoff

Jeffrey Bonar’s Family


Jeff Bonar at the old Santa Paula CA Train Station. (Photograph by his sister, Nancy).


xNancy with Jeff

Jeff Bonar with his sister Nancy Bonar Lehrer (left). Jeff is the president of his own company, JumpStart Wireless, located in Delray Beach, FL.


Website of Jeff Bonar’s company: Jumpstart Wireless

Jeff's DC Adventure

Jeff’s Great High School Adventure

New Discoveries_0095

Jeff  Bonar during the 1980s when he was a grad student in Computer Science at UMass.

Nanci Lanes Bonar

Jeff’s wife, Nanci Lanes Bonar [Sarah bat Michael HaLevi]. Nancy is employed by Landmark Education for whom she presents seminars all over the US.


Michael and Arlene Sanderson Lanes, Nanci’s parents.


Mike and Arlene Lanes


THE PROUD GRANDPARENTS: back row: Mike and Arlene Lanes; front row: Sandra Bonar, Aliya Bonar, Sam Bonar, Merrill Bonar


Nanci’s brother, David Lanes, and his children


Nanci’s brother, Jeff Lanes, his wife, Karen, and their children

Jeff Bonar's Family

The Early Years: Jeffrey and Nanci Lanes Bonar with their children, Aliya and Samuel.

xAliya, Nanci, Sam & Jeff

Jeffrey and Nanci Lanes Bonar with their children, Aliya and Samuel.


Sam and Aliya Bonar relaxing on the beach in Ventura, CA.

aliya and sam

Aliya and Sam

Aliya at Bas Mitzvah6

Aliya at her Bas Mitzva

xAliya Bonar 2009

Aliya Bonar, a graduate of Hampshire College, is an outstanding artist.

xAliya's Commencement Poster HC 2009

A painting by Aliya which was used as Hampshire College’s 2009 Commencement Poster

xSpring 2005 005

Aliya with her paternal grandparents, Merrill and Sandra Bonar

Sam Bonar 2

Sam Bonar who shares his name with that of his grandfather’s step-father, Shlomo ‘Sam’ Bonar/Banarsky/Bernhardt.

Sam Bonar

The other Sam Bonar: Shlomo Ruven ‘Sam’ Bonar was the step-father of Sam’s paternal grandfather, Merrill Gruenberg/Bonar. Shlomo Ruven Bonar made use of several surnames, depending on where he was living at the time. During the 13 years he spent in Australia working as a Carney, he used the surname Bernhardt. When he moved to Los Angeles, he became Sam Banarsky, before switching back to Bonar. The latter, a Polish surname, is a phonetic variant of the German word  Bohner, meaning ‘bean farmer’, appropriate for a man born in New Russia where Jews had been imported by the Czar specifically to develop farms.


Sam Bonar is a talented actor: during his senior year in high school, Sam played the lead in the Music Man: i.e. the romantic tinhorn, Professor Howard Hill.
Sam in Chicago

Sam is a member of the  theatrical ensemble, Occam’s Razor, at the University of Chicago.

Nancy Bonar Lehrer’s Family

Nancy (from Darrel)

Nancy Bonar Lehrer as photographed by Darrel Priebe in 2011

Additional Family

Nancy as a kid


GRUENBERG Additional24

Nancy Bonar as a kid


Nancy receives Rabbi Rubenstein’s blessing at her Bas Mitzvah

GARAGE Nov. 1972

Nancy serenades her step-grandfather Barnett Weiner. At the time, she was studying with the oboist, Salvatore ‘Sahl’ Spano.

Nancy at a Cal Arts Concert

Nancy after a Cal Arts Concert

Nancy Playing Albinoni

Nancy during her high school years, playing an Albinoni Oboe Concerto at Cal Arts

Albinoni Double Concert.jpg

Nancy as oboe soloist with the Cal Arts Youth Orchestra

UMass Oboists Adv A

Nancy and Chick during the early 1980’s when they taught at UMass Amherst






Nancy and Chick during their sojourn in Alaska, where they taught at the University of Alaska in Juneau.


Nancy Bonar with her husband Charles ‘Chick’ Lehrer

Chick on EH

Chick practicing the English Horn

Cholly at May's wedding.jpg

Chick’s father: Charles ‘Cholly’ Lehrer

Mom looking very pretty in backyard.jpg

Chick’s mother: Antoinette ‘Ann’ Matacia

Ernie at the Console

Chick’s brother: Ernest ‘ Ernie’ Vincent Lehrer

Charles, Ang, Po, & PJ.jpg

Chick’s children; l-r Charles, Angela, James, and Philipp


Nancy, a computer scientist by profession, is  Head of the Enterprise Architecture Division at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA. In addition, she is a talented photographer.


  1. wow!
    I just stumbled upon this and what a find! The pictures of Bubbie and Zaydie at the bottom are especially beautiful. I miss you all so much. See you soon I hope.

  2. my grandgrandparentswentmissing in 1941 it is intresting where they went originaly they went missing in bucovina chernovites

  3. I wish the family history I wrote was as complete as Merrill and Sandy’s . You both looked great and happy. Are you 2 also Bubbie and Zaydie? I also have 4 great grandsons.Eileen Wilkin Kaufman

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