Jack Gruenberg’s Forebears and his and Five Siblings

After the timely death of her husband, Jack Gruenberg, Margie lost (or perhaps broke) all contact with the four remaining Gruenberg brothers and their father, Mose. Only Rose Gruenberg-Lauber would continue to be a part of Margie’s life and that of her son, Merrill. Based on what she knew about Jack’s gangster brother, Al Gruenberg, Margie’s move appears to have been concerned with protecting Merrill from LA’s underworld.

BOBBIT KANTER in 1910 US Census Minneapolis

MENDEL and BOBBIT ‘BAUBE’ KANTER in the 1910 US Census for Minneapolis. They are living with their daughter Berthe’s (Bettie’s)  family headed by Morris ‘Mose’ Gruenberg in which Jack (Jacob) was the oldest son.

New Discoveries_0232

Anna Canter Kaufman, with her mother, Baube Canter.

BABE CANTER in 1920 US CENSUS Minneapolis

BAUBE (misspelled Bube) CANTER in the 1920 the US CENSUS for Minneapolis. Mendel has died, and now she is living with her daughter Anna’s family headed by William Kaufman

New Discoveries_0134

Notation that baby Merrill Gruenberg was taken to the home of his great-grandmother, Bobbit ‘Baube’ Canter, so that she might see him before passing away. Merrill’s actual grandmother, Berthe ‘Bettie’ Canter Gruenberg (Bobbit’s daughter), had died in 1916.


Baube Canter is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Los Angeles


Photograph of Baube Canter from her tombstone

Jack and Margie (maybe).jpg

Al Gruenberg with his aunt, Anna Canter Kaufman, his mother’s sister. On the back of this photo ‘Jack’ is written in pencil, obviously a copy for Al’s older brother.

New Discoveries_0111-Babe & Myself

Al Gruenberg with his aunt, Anna Canter Kaufman. his mother’s sister. On the back of this photo Al has written: ‘Babe & Myself'; on an identical copy he has written: ‘Dr.Leisen’.

Jack with Woman

Jack Gruenberg with his aunt, Anna Canter Kaufman, who was his mother’s sister


Moses Gruenberg’ application for a wedding license to marry Berthe Kanter, dated March 21, 1898.  Berthe’s name is spelled ‘Berte’ here. Note also that Berthe’s family name, spelled here as Cantor, is spelled elsewhere as Kanter and Canter.


Berthe ‘Bettie’ Canter Gruenberg, Mose’s wife c. 1882-1916. She was just 34 years old when, after giving birth to six children,  she died from having an abortion in 1916. Photo taken in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Moyshe ‘Mose’ Gruenberg (c. 1870-July 27, 1942). Photo taken in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Regarding Mose Gruenberg, Pam Gruenberg Blacker has this to say:

I wish my dad [Wally Gruenberg] was alive to see this site. He would be thrilled. He never said much about his dad [Mose Gruenberg] except that he was tough. I also know he died of a heart attack while gambling. He had just remarried a week or 2 before he died.


The three youngest children of Moses and Bertha Gruenberg: l-r Chuck, Hy, and Wally. Photo taken in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wally, still has his Payos.

Moyshe ‘Mose’ ‘Morris’ Gruenberg, father of Jack and his five siblings

Note that the designation ‘Imperial Russia / Romania’ refers to a change in the government of Bessarabia after World War I, when this area of ‘New Russia’ was given to Romania. These days, Bessarabia is a separate country called Moldava.

Moyshe ‘Mose’ ‘Morris’ Gruenberg (b. November 25, 1875 Imperial Russia / Romania, d. July 27, 1942 Los Angeles CA). His wife was Berthe ‘Bettie’ Canter (b. 1882 Congress Poland, Imperial Russia; / Romania d. January 2, 1916). Mose was the proprietor of a wholesale fruit business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Together Mose and Bettie produced six children: Jacob ‘Jack’; Albert Abraham ‘Al’ or ‘Abe’; Rose; Charles  ‘Chuck’ or ‘Bonnie’; Hyman ‘Herman’ or ‘Hy’; and Wallace ‘Wally’.

Bettie’s parents were also living in Minneapolis with Mose and his family before Mose and his children moved to Los Angeles during the late teens early 1920s. They are Mendel Canter (b. 1854, d. June 6, 1919 Minneapolis) and his wife Bobbit ‘Baube’ Canter (d. August 20, 1928), both of whom were born in Romania. In the 1910 US Census for Minneapolis, it is notated that Bobbit had given birth to 8 children, all of whom were still alive at that time. In the same census, Mendel is listed as a fruit peddler. Mendel’s parents were Abraham ‘Abe’ and Pearl Canter.

Bettie’s sister, Anna CANTER (born in Romania) married the immigrant, William KAUFMANN, b. abt 1888 in Romania. The 1920 census reports that William’s mother-in-law Bobbit ‘Baube’ CANTER (age 60 born in Romania) was living with him and Anna. By 1927, the Kaufmanns had moved to Los Angeles as documented in the LA city directory for that year:

KAUFMANN Wm slsmn h3815 S Harvard blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Anna and William had four children: Jerome (m. Sylvia Neiss in 1939), Norman, Daniel, and Ruth.

In addition, Mose’s mother, Bertha Pershconner Gruenberg (b. 1851, d. April 14, 1916 Minneapolis) was also living in Minneapolis; her parents were David and Hannah Pershconner.

Mose’s draft registration card for 1918 was filled out in Los Angeles where Mose had become the proprietor of a retail grocery store. He gives his son Jack (Jake), who was still living in Minneapolis, as his reference.


Los Angeles CA: Draft Registration Card of 1918 for Mose Gruenberg.

Crop of Gruenbergs in LA 1920

Rose and Charles were living with their father Mose when the US Census for Los Angeles was taken in 1920.

Obituary in the LA Times: July 28, 1942. Morris was buried in the Home of Peace Memorial Park in East Los Angeles.

Moses Gruenberg Obit-July 28, 1942

Albert Abraham ‘Al’ Gruenberg, b. May 10, 1900; d. February 21, 1967. By profession, Al was a racketeer in Los Angeles who excelled at making book and setting up illegal lotteries.

Al G and bobby 3.jpg

Abraham Albert ‘Al’ Gruenberg, a racketeer in Los Angeles, with his son Bobby (b. May 14, 1921-d. 1975). Al was a snappy dresser! A woman (perhaps Al’s 1st wife) can be seen in the doorway with another child.


Robert ‘Bobby’ Gruenberg

AL GRUENBERG’S 1st WIFE: (name unknown)

These four photos appear to have been set to Al by his 1st wife during the time when he was imprisoned in the St. Cloud State Reformatory. Al was sent to the St. Cloud Minnesota around January 12, 1921 to serve a 5-year sentence for first-degree robbery. Since Al later on told the FBI that he had arrived in LA in 1924, he must have received an early release date for good behavior.

Correspondece Lady  2.jpg

Photo 1) on the back: “This is the only one I have on hand now but will probably take some more as soon as the weather permits”.

Correspondence Lady 1.jpg

Photo 2) On the back: “Taken a month ago”.

Correspondence Lady 1923.jpg

Photo 3) On the back: “Taken Aug / 23″.

New Discoveries_0028-Aug. 1923

On back: 28-Aug. 1923. Note the wedding ring.

Al had a child by his 1st marriage (wife’s name unknown): Robert ‘Bobby’ Donald Gruenberg [Green], b. May 14, 1921, Minnesota; d. August 30, 1975, Los Angeles, CA. In 1942, Bobby was a machinist at the  D&D Mfg Corp in Los Angeles.

Robert D Green, “United States, World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946″

name: Robert D Green

name (original): Robert D Green

event: Military Service

event date: 14 Jun 1944

term of enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law

event place: Ft Macarthur, San Pedro, California, United States


race: White

citizenship: citizen

birth year: 1921

birthplace: MINNESOTA

education: 2 years of high school

civilian occupation: Machinists

marital status: Married

rank: Private

army branch: No branch assignment

army component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)

source: Civil Life

serial number: 39589565

nara publication title: Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, ca. 1938-1946

arc identifier: 1263923

card, box and reel number: 14547.25

Virginia Cooper reported the following on December 17, 2012:

“My husband, Allen, is the son of Robert Donald Gruenberg [and Ella Kirk], and the grandson of Al Gruenberg. Robert Gruenberg and Ella Kirk divorced and Ella remarried. Allen’s new stepfather adopted him and his name was changed to Cooper to match his two half-brothers. All contact with Robert was lost. “

And on December 27, 2012:

“Ella and [her son] Allen on the form and by this time, they have changed their name to Green.  I have the form that petitions for the name change from Gruenberg to Green and it has a judgment number and is signed by the Clerk of the Court for Judge Vickers, dated 15 May 1943.  I believe Bobby must have reverted back to Gruenberg at some time after they were divorced because his death records show Gruenberg.  Another document is for the adoption of Allen Kirk Green by Frederick Henry Cooper.”


In 1930, Al married his 2nd wife,  Genevieve Hidaman who was born on August 25, 1906 in Iowa (most probably previously married to one Mr. Barlow); d. in Los Angeles on September 24, 1996.

Genevieve’s sister was Evelyn Mary Heideman, b. Iowa, February 3, 1898; d.  Los Angeles, March 3, 1989 was married to one Mr. Ming who, in conjunction with his father, ran the Half Moon Produce Co. in San Pedro. The parents of the two girls were Michael Hidaman and Barbara Namer.

1938 Al, Gean & Bobby2

Al Gruenberg with his 2nd wife Genevieve (Gean) and his son Robert (Bobby)  mid-1930s

1938 Al, Gean & Bobby

Al Gruenberg with Gean and Bobby


AL'S HOME 802 N. Occidental 1928

802 N. Occidental Los Angeles. In 1928, on the day he signed the death certificate for his brother Jack who had committed suicide, this was Al Gruenberg’s residence.


Robert Donald Gruenberg

Robert Donald Gruenberg [Green] b. May 14, 1921

Robert & Ella with Allen Kirk Gruenberg (Cooper)

Robert Gruenberg [Green] with his wife, Ella May Kirk Gruenberg [Green], and their son, Allen Kirk Gruenberg [Green] / Cooper b. December 14, 1941

Virginia Cooper2

Allen Kirk Gruenberg / Cooper and his wife, Virginia. Allen, a contractor,  is the owner of Pintado Pools.


Virginia Cooper was raised in Santa Barbara, California and now lives with her husband, Allen Kirk Gruenberg/Cooper, in the township of Santa Ynez, a small, rural community in the Santa Ynez Valley behind Santa Barbara, California. She and Allen have three adult children and six grandchildren.

Virginia studied at Santa Barbara City College where she received a Faulkner Gallery award for her pen and ink of Eucalyptus trees; UCSB where she received a certificate in Decorative Arts including Trompe L’oeil, stencilling, faux finish, design drawing and color and design; Scottsdale Artist’s School studying figure painting with Terence Coyle; and Cal Art Institute in Thousand Oaks, California studying figure painting and landscape painting. In 2006 and 2007 she attended Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy studying pencil, Charles Bargue method, figure drawing, and figure painting in the Caravaggio style with Maestro John Michael Angel and participated in the annual, world reknown, student art show. Virginia has studied with private instructors as well, including Buck Paulsen and Frank Holda.

Virginia’s style was acquired through multiple studies in the fields of pencil, pen and ink, oil on canvas or panel, pastels, gilding, mural painting, faux finish techniques, and tromp l’oeil. As a nod to the romantic painting of the late 19th century, Virginia adopted the name Vergilia as her artist signature.

Murals were her main work for several years in the communities in and around Ventura, California. Virginia, and friend Carolyn Barone, painted three murals for General Motors in Thousand Oaks featuring GM historical automobiles.

Painting people in various occupations, activities and venues has become her passion and her extensive travels have provided many photos for reference.

Al Gruenberg3

Obituary notice for  Al Gruenberg. His memorial service was held in the same place in North Hollywood as that of Peggy Anne Gruenberg, the wife of his brother Wally. LA Times: February 23, 1967.

Rose Gruenberg Lauber, b. May 10, 1902; d. September 28, 1981 Orange County CA.

In the US Census of 1930 for Los Angeles, Rose is listed as the manager of the Flat Building. Her husband, Max Lauber, had already died.

ROSE GRUENBERG LAUBER. b. May 10, 1902, Minneapolis MN; d. September 28, 1981, Orange County CA; m. MAX LAUBER d. February 1929. Children:

MARVIN LAUBER. b. November 2, 1922, Los Angeles CA; d. June 29, 1971 Los Angeles CA; m. FLORENCE WEINBERG. Children:

MARSHA SUSAN LAUBER. b. August 18, 1949 Los Angeles CA

ANDREA LAUBER. b. October 23, 1952

DAVID LAUBER. (twin of Donald) b. January 22, 1927, Los Angeles CA

DONALD JACK LAUBER, M.D. (twin of David) b. January 22, 1927, Los Angeles CA; d. March 25, 1976 Orange County CA. m. IRENE SLIVINSK.  Children:

CYNTHIA A. LAUBER, RN. b. October 14, 1956, Los Angeles CA.

MARTIN A. LAUBER, MD. b. January 20, 1958, Los Angeles CA

MAXINE A. LAUBER CLARK, LVN. b. February 2, 1965, Orange County CA. Daughter:


New Discoveries_0002

Rose Gruenberg with her husband, Max Lauber. Max died in 1929 two years after the birth of the twins, David and Donald.

Rose Gruenberg in front of Boyer's Sweet Shop-2.jpg

Rose Gruenberg who was married to Max Lauber. On the back of this photo written in pencil: ‘Sept 6-21 Labor Day / G’. There are two additional,  but printed markings:  Glossette trade mark registered /  48. The photo is part of an extensive series taken at San Pedro Harbor on September 6, 1921 which includes Rose’ s brother Jack, and  her husband, Max Lauber, and his relatives.

Rose Gruenberg

Rose Gruenberg6

Rose Gruenberg Lauber

Jack Gruenberg and his sister Rose1

Rose with her brother, Jack Gruenberg, the father of Merrill Gruenberg-Bonar in Long Beach CA. The Steamship Avalon is seen in the background.


Commissioned in April of 1920, the Steamship Avalon shuttled tourists between Long Beach CA and Catalina Island.

Rose & Max Lauber 4

Rose Gruenberg with her husband, Max Lauber

Max Lauber

Max Lauber

Max Lauber Obit Feb 26, 1929

Max Lauber Obituary Feb 26, 1929. Los Angeles Times

Marvin Lauber Obit July 1, 1971

Marvin Lauber Obit July 1, 1971


Donald Lauber (1927-1976), the son of Rose Gruenberg and Max Lauber. Don Lauber had two brothers: his twin David, and Marvin.


Photo from Rose Gruenberg’s collection. The photo is part of an extensive series taken September 6, 1921 and the back is dated as such. The folks appear to be in food service profession.

Charles ‘Charlie’ / ‘Chuck’ / ‘Bonnie’ Gruenberg, b. May 3, 1904 Minneapolis, Minnesota; d. December 27, 1964 Los Angeles.

1st wife: Bettie; one child: Bettie Charlene.

2nd wife: Helen

OBIT: Los Angeles Times, 29 December 1964, Page B13:

GRUENBERG, Charles, beloved husband of Helen GRUENBERG, fond brother of Rose LAUBER and Albert and Herman GRUENBERG. Services Wednesday, 12 noon, at Mount Sinai Memorial Park. Groman Mortuary, directors.

Jewish Orphan Asylum

The Jewish Orphan Asylum in Cleveland OH where Hy and Wally lived during the years 1917-1921. Their mother, Bettie, had died from an abortion on January 2, 1916 in Minneapolis. When the US Census for Minneapolis was taken in 1920, their brother Al, was an inmate in the city workhouse. Mose, the father of the three boys, had moved to Los Angeles by 1918.


Could this photo have been taken at the Jewish Orphan Asylum in Cleveland OH?


Could these boys be Hy and Wally at the Jewish Orphan Asylum in Cleveland OH?

Hy & Wally in the 1920 US Census for Cleveland

Hy and Wally in the 1920 US Census for Cleveland. At the time, they were inmates at the Jewish Orphan Asylum there: Wally admitted on 2/19/17, Hy on 11/5/17. According to state records, both were discharged on 6/21/21 to their father, Mose Gruenberg, who resided in Los Angeles as did their older brother, Jack, who had arrived from Minneapolis in May.

New Discoveries_0115-Please don't wake me for supper-Jack

Charlie, Jack, and Al Gruenberg. April 27, 1919

Hy Gruenberg

Hyman ‘Hy’ Gruenberg. The notation is by his brother, Jack Gruenberg.

Hyman ‘Herman’ / ‘Hy’ Gruenberg, b. March 14, 1906 Minneapolis, Minnesota; d. February 9, 1991 Los Angeles CA.

wife: Blanche Gruenberg; daughters:

Paula Ann Gruenberg Rogers, b. 1925

Betty Gruenberg: daughter;


In the 1930 US Census for Los Angeles, Hy is listed as a pressman for a daily newspaper. At that time, Hy was single and a lodger living at 219 Hope Street in Los Angeles. Married Iva June; Divorced January 17, 1936.

Wallace ‘Wally’ Gruenberg, b. July 21, 1908; d. March 18, 1958 Santa Clara CA.

In the Los Angeles Directory for 1929, Wallace Gruenberg (listed as a driver by profession) is living with his wife, Peggy Anne Wolyns   at 4340 W. 28th Street. In the same directory, three additional members of the Gruenberg family are residing at 1932 W. Pico:  Moses (aka Mose, the father), Hyman ‘Herman’ ‘Hy’, and Charles ‘Bonnie’.

m. Peggy Anne Wolyns b. July 6, 1908; d. August 26, 1956.

In the 1940 US Census for Los Angeles, Wallace is working as a Salesman in Retail Dairy.

Wallace Gruenberg

Obituary in the Los Angeles Times of August 28, 1956 for Peggy Anne Gruenberg, the wife of Wallace ‘Wallie’ Gruenberg. Note that thier son was Robert, the same name Al Gruenberg gave his son.

Son of Wallace  Gruenberg and Peggy Anne Wolyns:

ROBERT WILLIAM GRUENBERG, b. April 9, 1929 Los Angeles CA; d. April 3, 2011 Redondo Beach CA.

1st wife: m. Joan Beverly Gawthrop b. February 26, 1933; d. March 18, 1980. (prior marriage with two daughters) divorced Robert William Gruenberg c. 1969.

son: ROBERT WALLACE GRUENBERG: b. July 15, 1959. Professional gambler

daughter of Robert William Gruenberg and Joan Beverly Gawthrop:

PAMELA GRUENBERG BLACKER b. February 22, 1961.

1st husband: m. Dirk Marley December 1986; divorced 1996.


Jenna Rae Marley b. January 30, 1988; m. Michael Susterich May 2011

son: Michael Anthony Susterich b. January 2014

Danielle Marley b. July 1991

2nd husband: m. John Robert ‘Bob’ Blacker 2004

2nd wife: m. Gloria in the late 1970s (lasted 6 months)

3rd wife: m. Sallie Reese 1980; divorced 1990.

Pam Gruenberg Blacker’s memories of the Gruenbergs as reported to Chick Lehrer on November 23, 2014:

The last time I saw my Uncle Hy Gruenberg was at my wedding in 1986. He told me at that time that one day I would be sorry that I never learned about the Gruenbergs. He was always trying to get me interested in our family.

I never met my Uncle Charlie Gruenberg, but both my parents told me what a wonderful man he was. My mom was not liked by most of the Gruenbergs as she was not Jewish. That is, except for my Uncle Charlie, of whom mom said was one of the nicest men in the world.

I remember Aunt Rose being at her son David Lauber’s house. My dad stayed close with David until the latter’s death.

I do have a memory of going to my great-grandmother, Babe Canter’s house. I remember going past her bedroom and seeing a wooden leg. I think my dad said she was in a car and had been hit from behind and into a train.

Sadly, both of my dad’s parents, Betty and Mose Gruenberg, had died before I was born.

My dad never mentioned Jack’s suicide or why he was only in touch with Charlie, Hy and Rose. Honestly, I  cannot be sure that he was in touch with them.


I do not know what my Uncle Charlie did for a living. I do not remember him at all. I wish my sisters were alive. They both loved him as did my mom. I do remember his wife. I don’t remember much except she had bright red hair and scared me a little.

I do remember my Uncle Hy being hard of hearing. My dad told me it was because he worked at a newspaper and the machines were so loud . Uncle Hy also told me a story of him going to a hockey game and getting hit in the head with a puck. It was because of him that they started putting fencing around the rink.


from the Collection of Margie Steinman, wife of Jack Gruenberg

These Lauber Family photos feature a group of four girls arriving or leaving on the Steamship Avalon  from/to Catalina Island. Rose Gruenberg Lauber, her husband, Max Lauber, and her brother, Jack Gruenberg, all wear straw hats for the occasion. These photos are dated: Labor Day, September 6, 1921. Jack Gruenberg had arrived in Los Angeles from Minneapolis in May of that year.

Lauber Family Long Beach Series1

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Max and Rose are somewhat hidden in the rear. Max is holding his straw hat.

Lauber Family Long Beach Series 2

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: The four girls aboard the SS Avalon

Long Beach Series-Rose Gruenberg3

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Rose Gruenberg

Long Beach Series-Rose Gruenberg4

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Rose Gruenberg

Max Lauber.4jpg

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Max Lauber

Max Lauber 5

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Max Lauber

Rose & Max Lauber

Lauber Family Long Beach Series:  Rose & Max Lauber

Rose & Max Lauber 2

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Rose & Max Lauber

Rose & Max Lauber 3

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Rose & Max Lauber

Jack , Rose, Max

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Jack Gruenberg with his sister, Rose and her husband, Max Lauber.

Jack Gruenberg at beach

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Jack Gruenberg

New Discoveries_0083

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Rose Gruenberg

New Discoveries_0070

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Jack Gruenberg

New Discoveries_0016

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Jack Gruenberg

New Discoveries_0017

Lauber Family Long Beach Series: Rose and Jack Gruenberg

Max Lauber1

Max Lauber ?

Max Lauber2

Max Lauber ?

Max Lauber2

Max Lauber ?

Long Beach Series-Rose Gruenberg1

Rose Gruenberg 1

Long Beach Series-Rose Gruenberg and friend2

Rose Gruenberg 2


Owner of a Dress Shop on Hollywood Boulevard near one of Herman Lentzner’s  Millinery Stores



l-r: back row Tilly Lentzner, Anna’s son Stanley, Anna Goodman. Margie Steinman Gruenberg in front.

Margie, Jack G, Herman

l-r: back row Anna’s son Stanley, Tilly Lentzner, Anna Goodman, Herman Lentzner. In front: Margie Steinman, Jack Gruenberg

More beach 3

l-r: Margie Steinman, Anna Goodman, Herman and Tilly Lentzner. Anna’s son Stanley standing behind.

Tilly, Goodmans, and Margie

l-r: back row Unknown, Margie Steinman, Anna’ son Stanley. In front: Tilly Lentzner, Anna Goodman


Anna Goodman with her husband, Ed, and their son

New Discoveries_0119-at Rose Rosenbaum Selma, Ann Goodman, Margie, Sarah

Selma Wyman Brustin, Anna Goodman, Margie Steinman Bonar, Sarah Wyman at Rose Wyman Rosenbaum’s home in 1947

Ed and Ann Goodman-1947

Edward and Anna Goodman, Margie Steinman Bonar and Merrill Bonar at Rose Wyman Rosenbaum’s home in 1947

Anna Goodman's Dress Shop

Anna Goodman’s 1939 Dress Shop on Hollywood Boulevard, now occupied by Ramodi’s. Herman Lentzner’s millinery store was located on the ground floor of the tall white building down the street to the right.

Anna GOODMAN (d. Oct. 11, 1967), wife of Edward N. GOODMAN, was the daughter of Samuel/Saul and Sophie (WEISBERG) ZUCKERMAN of St. Louis. Her addresses in Los Angeles:

Anna’s Home:

(1932) GOODMAN Anna slswn r1829 S Marvin, Los Angeles, CA

(1932) GOODMAN Edw N slsmn L A Underwriters Inc r1829 Marvin av, Los Angeles, CA

(1936) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) h702 Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA

(1938) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) slsmn h702 N Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA

(1939) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) slsmn Mrs Anna GOODMAN h702 Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles CA

(1942) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna)  h325 N Hayworth Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Anna’s Dress Shop

(1939) GOODMAN Anna Mrs dresses 6632 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

(1942) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) dresses 6510 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Her son, Stanley:

(1936, 1938, 1939) GOODMAN Stanley r702 Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA

(1942) GOODMAN Stanley fireman LAFD r325 N Hayworth Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Anna Zuckerman Goodman’s parents were immigrants from Poland who came to the US about 1890. Anna was born in Missouri and had at least two children: Stanley born in Missouri in 1916 and Marcia Ruth born in CA in 1932. Marcia Ruth married Richard H. ANDERSON in Aug 1954. Edward Goodman, Anna husband, was an immigrant from Hungary who came to the US in 1900. Anna and Ed moved from MO to CA between the 1920 and 1930 censuses.  So, Anna would have first been known to Herman and Tillie in St. Louis.

Zela ICHKOWSKY (1896-1980) was the daughter of Barris and Mary (NUDELMAN) ICHKOWSKY.  Mary Nudleman’s 2nd husband was Adolph/Abe LENTZNER making Zela the stepdaughter of Adolph Lentzner and the step-niece of Herman Lentzner. After the death of Zela’s 1st  husband, one Mr. CROOK (died in the 1918 flu), she married Jules Peter ZUCKERMAN (1895-1983) son of  Simon and Rosa (BARNETT) ZUCKERMAN of St. Louis.

Perhaps it was Zela, step-niece of Herman Lentzner and married to a Zuckerman, who first introduced Anna Zuckerman Goodman to Herman Lentzner in St. Louis.

ZUCKERMAN_Sophia Zuckerman, St Louis Post-Dispatch 26 oct 1921 p24 col d

Obit for Anna Goodman’s mother, Sophia Zuckerman. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 26, 1921


An Acquaintance of Jack Gruenberg

Grace & Helen

Grace & Helen. From his photo album, the notation is by Jack Gruenberg.


Lauber Beach Series 1

Helen1: Helen is in the back row, 2nd person from the left. The man with her holding the young girl’s hand is her husband. The young boy is their son. Helen’s husband might be one of the three youngest Gruenberg brothers: Chuck, Hy, or Wally

Lauber Beach Series 2

Helen 2: Helen is 2nd from the left.

Lauber Beach Series 3

Helen 3: Helen is 2nd from the left

Lauber Beach Series 4

Helen 4

Lauber Beach Series 5

Helen 5

Lauber Beach Series 6

Helen 6: Helen’s son

Lauber Beach Series 7

Helen 7: Helen’s son

Anne Goodman


One of Gruenberg brothers with Anne Goodman

Helen and friend

Ocean Park Bathhouse

The Ocean Park Bathhouse seen in the photos of Helen

Jack Gruenberg (on the right) and a Gruenberg brother with Anne Goodman

Jack Gruenberg (on the right) and a Gruenberg brother with Helen

Jack Gruenberg with Anne Goodman

Jack Gruenberg with Helen

Jack G with Helen

Jack Gruenberg with Helen


  1. Hi, I am the daughter of Robert W Gruenberg , He was the son of Wallace Gruenberg and Peggy Ann Wolyns! Thank you for the info on my family!

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