Merrill Bonar’s Working Years

Scan 1

Early morning at Glassman’s Market on Western Avenue. Merrill will soon be pulling back the folding doors of his open-front store.

Scan 2

OPENING UP FOR BUSINESS AT GLASSMAN’S MARKET. Merrill began each day at 7:00 am.

Merrill's card.jpg

Merrill’s Card

Glassman’s Market: Three Scenes




During the year 1942, when he was 15, Merrill Gruenberg, took a part-time job at a small market in Hollywood where he first began to learn the procedure of running such a business. Soon thereafter, he landed a job at Glassman’s Market a position which would bring security to his life for many years to come. In essence, Merrill had now become head of his family.

On May 18, 1943, when he was 16, Merrill changed his surname to Bonar, to match that of his mother and half-brother, Donald. It was this modest procedure that was the first step which led towards the establishment of the Bonar family as it is known today; Merrill’s marriage to Sandra Kantoff-Green followed seven years later in 1950.

Glassman's Market early

The young Merrill Bonar( right) behind the deli counter at Glassman’s Market with additional employees.

Merrill as a teenager in Glassmans Market.jpg

Excerpt from the above: The young Merrill Bonar behind the deli counter at Glassman’s Market

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0037

The young Merrill Bonar at Glassman’s Market

GARAGE Nov. 2012_0038

Scene at Glassmans during Merrill’s early years there in the 1940s

Merrill with High Hair

Merrill with his famous High Hair


When Merrill met Sandy


Merrill when he was dating Sandra Kantoff-Green: Purim Ball, March 20, 1948

Mom and Dad  dating at Coconut Grove Sept 30, 1949

Sandy and Merrill on a date at Coconut Grove Sept 30, 1949

Mom and Dad dating with Friends at Biltmore Hotel

Sandy and Merrill with Liala and Ed Geller at the Biltmore Hotel

Merrill and Sandy's Engagement 1949.jpg

Announcement of the engagement of Merrill Gruenberg-Bonar and Sandra Kantoff-Green. LA Times September 30, 1949.


The Marriage of Merrill and Sandra on July 9, 1950

Tutu's Photo Collection15

Merrill and Sandy’s wedding. l-r: Margie Steinman Katz, Merrill’s mother; Merrill and Sandy; Leila Brin Green, Sandy’s mother.

Tutu's Photo Collection11

A little rice action at Sandy and Merrill’s wedding (1950)

Two Bonar kids

Two of the three children of Merrill Gruenberg-Bonar and Sandra Kantoff-Green: Jeffrey (b. June 16, 1955) and Nancy (b. February 6, 1959).


as photographed by Nancy Bonar Lehrer

Merrill at Glassmans Market.jpg

In 1963 Merrill bought Glassman’s Market. He had been the owner of Glassman’s Market for 14 years when his daughter, Nancy, took this photo of her dad late in the afternoon on a hot summers day c. 1977. The photo says it all.


Glassman’s Market: Façade

In Glassmans.jpg

Glassman’s Market: Interior

Lox at Glassmans

Deli at Glassman’s


Joe Guss, the Deli Guy at Glassman’s

Joe Guss at Glassmans

Joe Guss at Glassmans

Lennie at Glassmans

Lennie, the Butcher at Glassman’s

Glassmans Market

Glassman’s Market on Western Avenue in Los Angeles

2012 Glassman's

A Changing Demographic: Glassman’s in 2012

In 1979 Merrill sold Glassman’s Market and went to work for Gelson’s Markets where he remained until his retirement. Merrill became famous among the workers in the  markets of the Gelson’s chain as he, the supreme teacher, passed on to the younger generation all of his secrets of procedure.

Merrill appointed conservator of the estate of his mother’s cousin, Rose Wyman

In 1978, a year before he sold Glassman’s Market, Merrill was appointed Conservator of the estate of his mother’s cousin, Rose Wyman, and, later on, of Rose’s 3rd husband, Sam Rosenbaum.




Merrill Bonar on his 80th Birthday in 2007


Sandra Bonar in 2007

Mom, Dad, Chick

Sandy and Merrill Bonar with their son-in-law, Chick Lehrer, Nancy’s husband



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