1905 Russian Revolution and a Pogrom in Zhytomyr

The year 1905 marks the period of the Russian Revolution. During that samer year, the Jewish community of Zhytomyr (a center for Chaiet-Kantoff and Brottman Families) suffered a pogrom on May 7-8, 1905, with about 20 deaths in the city, and 10 more among a group of young Jews from nearby who were coming to the aid of the Jews of Zhytomyr. The section of the city known as Podol was devastated. And it was at this time that members of the Chaiet-Kantoff Family wisely began to leave the area for the United States.

In his monumental 3-volume History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, Simon Dubnow presents the following statistics for immigration from Russia during and after the Revolution of 1905:

Jews-Immigration from Russia01


  1. My great-uncle, Yankel Sherman, 25, of Chudnov, was among the 10 Chudnov men murdered on April 25, 1905, in Troyanov, by peasants with pitchforks, while en route to assist the Zhitomir self-defense. Details of this ambush/murder are available in contemporary articles written in German and Russian.

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