Additional friends of Herman and Tillie in Los Angeles


This article from the Los Angeles Times of August 15, 1926 finds Herman and Tillie Wyman Lentzner and Benjamin and Rose Wyman Niaman at a surprise party in LA.

Michael McTeer was able to further identify many of those attending this party:

NEWS: Los Angeles TIMES, 15 Aug 1926, Section C. Gala Fetes in Society. Anniversary Surprise Party.

Relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel [Yetta/Etta SANDUSKY] GLICKSBERG of 144 North Kenmore avenue effected an entrance into their home during their absence Sunday the 8th inst. and upon their return were quite surprised to find a buffet supper and party in progress, the occasion celebrating their seventeenth wedding anniversary.

Those included were Mr. and Mrs. Morris ROBINSON [Celia (SANDUSKY), ADD: (1929) tailor 407 W 8th, h1126 Rimpau Blvd, Los Angeles; Morris dies bet 1938/39],

Mr. and Mrs. Harry [Olga ANDREWS] PAULIS, Mr. and Mrs. Fred [Fannie PAULIS d/o Harry] GRANICH, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. [Abraham J. & Celia PAULIS, d/o Harry] SAGON,

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin [Rose WYMAN] NIAMAN,

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. [Sarel CUTTS -possible NIAMAN cousin, mother Toby NIAMAN] SANDUSKY (m. July 4, 1926),

Mr. and Mrs. Herman [Tillie WYMAN] LENTZNER,

Mr. and Mrs. Victor FREIBURG [ADD: (1929) FREIBURG V E r1054 Ingraham (West Side Apartments), Los Angeles],

Miss Dorothy ROBINSON [d/o Morris and Celia, ADD: (1929) Social serv wkr r1126 Rimpau blvd, Los Angeles],


Joseph SANDUSKY (father of Louis Sandusky),


Marshall MALTER,

Arthur SUGARMAN [s/o Anna (PAULIS) SUGARMAN, g/s of Harry PAULIS],

Harry KAHN [possible brother of Kate (KAHN) SCHLOSSBERG – GLICKSMAN cousin],

Milton SAMUEL and H.H. SAMUEL.



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