1924 – Herman and Tillie Visit France, Germany, and Poland

On March 5, 1924, Herman filed a passport application in St. Louis, MO in order to be able to visit Germany, France, and Poland.

Herman Lentzner passport 1924.jpg

Herman and Tillie Lentzner’s Passport Application of 1924

Herman & Tillie back from vacation.jpg

Herman  returned to the US from his European trip on August 12, 1924

In 1924, Herman Lentzner (Chaim Lenczner) and his wife Tillie Wyman (Tsine Wajman) returned to Europe to travel and visit relatives. Among them were Tillie’s relatives in Łosice, Poland: her aunt Nechama Wyman Steinman (Necha Wajman Sztejnman) who was married to her uncle Mendel Steinman (Sztejnman), and her double-cousin Toby Steinman Lev (Taube Sztejnman Lew), Toby’s husband Chaim Lev (Lew), and their daughter Sara Lev (Sorele Lew). Clearly an effort was being made to bring the Levs to the United States, but in 1924 the US immigration laws had changed radically, restricting the number of Jews living in Eastern Poland who wished to emigrate to a mere trickle. As a result, the entire Lev Family (by August of 1942 with 4 children) perished in the Holocaust at Treblinka.

In addition, there are records of four members of the Lentzner [Lenczner] Family from Szczekociny living in Paris in 1924, all of whom would later perish at Auschwitz. Perhaps Herman and Tillie visited some of them while in France.

Abe Lenczner (1894-1943)

Fiszel Lenczner (1904-1942)

Joachim Lenczner (1890-1942)

Judka Lenczner (1895-1942)

In Herman’s passport application, we learn that Herman was born in Szczekociny Poland and had left Europe via the port of Hamburg, Germany on a ship bound for the US in April of 1904. Also, that he had already lived in St. Louis MO for 20 years and married Tillie Wyman in 1906.




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