1883-Herman Lentzner born in Szczekociny, Congress Poland, Russian Empire

Herman Letzner - Sl Louis.jpg

Herman Lentzner in St. Louis MO

Herman Lentzner in NYC

Herman Lentzner, a photo taken in New York City

Herman Lentzner was born Chaim Lenczner on May 10, 1883 (d. 1952 Los Angeles) in the village of Szczekociny,  a town that lay in Congress Poland which was an integral part of  Imperial Russia. His mother was Getel Reva Lentzner. In 1921 she was still alive at age 75.




Partial map of Poland, showing relation of Szczekociny (upper right-hand corner) to Sosnowiec (lower left-hand corner)

Herman’s paternal grandparents were Sora Dawidowicz-Poncz (b. abt. 1808) m. Abram Lencner (b. 1790; m. abt. 1850). Sora’s father was Icyk Dawidowicz, her mother, Hana Ponczow.

The following is a translation of the marriage certificate of Sora and Abram Lencner:

Marriage Certificate Abram Lencner

The following is a translation from Polish into English of the birth certificate of Icyk Litman Lenczner [aka Litmana Yitzkhok Eliezer], son of Abram Lenczner and Sora Davidowicz. Icyk Litman Leczner was Herman’s father:

All this occurred in the Town of Szczekociny on the twelfth day of November in the year of one thousand eight hundred and forty. Appeared personally Orthodox Jew Abram Lenczner, fifty years [1790] of age, the butcher residing in this town, accompanied by witnesses, namely Zajwel Lenczner, forty-seven [1793] years of age, and Leizer Bincholc, fifty-eight [1790] years of age, both of them szkolniks residing in the Town of Szczekociny, and showed us a male baby who had been born on the tenth day of November of the current year to his spouse Sora the daughter of Icyk, thirty-two[1808] years of age, to whom the name had been given Icyk Litman. The actual certificate was read aloud to the appeared witnesses and subsequently signed. Abram Lenczner (signed in Yiddish) Zaiwel Lenczner (signed in Yiddish) Leizer Bincholc (signed in Yiddish).

Herman’s paternal uncle and his wife were Dawid Ajzia Lenczner (b. abt. 1832) and Dasa Hawa (b. abt. 1834; m. abt. 1850)

Herman’s maternal grandparents were Khayim (Chaim) Gliksman and Bertha. Their daughter, Gitel Rywke Gliksman, (d. bef 1931) married Litmana Yitzkhok Eliezer Lenczner (b. November 12, 1840; bef. March 5, 1924). Their children consist of the following:

1)  Adolph ‘Abe’  LENTZNER b. abt 1872 Poland; d.13 Mar 1922 Los Angeles CA;

1st spouse:  Ida ROBiNOWITZ on May 25, 1898

2nd spouse: Mary NUDELMAN b.22 Apr 1874; d.3 Jul 1957 St. Louis MO






Adolph 1.jpg

Adolph’s first marriage was to Ida Robenowitz on May 25, 1898

Abe Lentzner Will A.jpg

Abe Lentzner Will B.jpg






Adolf Lentzner-Crerand's Cloak Journal V2 p75.jpg

Abe, gave up his interests in the Milford Cloak and Suit Co. in St. Louis, MO. and, together with his stepson, Sherly Ichkowsky (son of Abe’s wife, Mary Nudelman) moved from to St. Louis to Los Angeles  (c. 1920) where he went into real estate and construction. In addition, Abe was a diamond salesman who traveled often to Europe on business. Michael Jacobs, a Nudelman descendant reported the following: “You asked about Joel Jacobs in one of your inquiries on line, shortly after you found that he was the manager of Adolph Lentnzer’s Cloak and Suit Co. in 1911 in Gould’s Business Directory.  Joel Jacobs was married to Sadie Nudleman sometime before 1910, and that would make him Mary’s Lentzner’s brother-in-law.  Their son was my Dad.”

Brucha ‘Bertha’ LENTZNER b.15 Sep 1894 Poland (arr. US 1904); d.10 Oct 1951 Los Angeles CA; m.  Samuel DEMBA b.2 Apr 1888; d.29 Aug 1969 in 1907. (but they divorcerd)

Sylvia DEMBA b.13 Nov 1909; d.24 Sep 1920 St. Louis MO

Eugene J. DEMBA b.31 Oct 1913; d.28 Feb 2004; m. 1946 Irma NORBER d.1980

Ruth DEMBA b.4 Mar 1916; d.19 Feb 1999

a) m.  Louis Hugh SCHUCHET (b. abt 1906) on 01 March 1936 Los Angeles CA

b) m. MANDEL

c) m. abt 1961 Theodore KRISTAL b.18 Jan 1914; d.17 May 1997

Milford LENTZNER b.26 Jul 1907-MO; d.27 Apr 1997 Los Angeles CA

a) m. Augusta b.29 Jul 1908 IL; d.18 Jun 1975 Los Angeles CA

b) m. Rosa RIVERA

Juanita Jay LENTZNER b.9 Mar 1913 MO;  m. Charles Fabian (b. 1911) on 22 Sept 1937 Los Angeles CA; d.20 Jul 1964 Los Angeles CA.

2) Brucha LENTZNER m. 1889 Schima KOPLOWITZ

Herman KOPLOWITZ b.Abt 1891

Carl KOPLOWITZ b.1 May 1896 POLAND; d.21 Jul 1951 St. Louis MO; m.6 Dec 1924 Ida Chaje SIGAL b.4 Dec 1896 Fastov, RUSSIA; d.13 Oct 1988

Lillian KOPLOWITZ b.3 Oct 1925 St. Louis MO; m. Sol KLARFELD

Shirley KOPLOWITZ b.5 Nov 1929 St. Louis MO; m. KRANZBERG

Henry KOPLOWITZ b.16 Sep 1896; d.30 Jul 1967 Los Angeles CA; m. Goldie BOBROFF b.5 Oct 1901; d.6 Dec 1994 Los Angeles CA

Bernice Carol KOPLOWITZ b.20 Jan 1925; d.19 Dec 1928 St. Louis MO

Joyce KOPLOWITZ b.28 Jan 1937 Los Angeles CA


Betty KOPLOWITZ b.15 May 1905; d.20 Jun 1932 St. Louis MO; ;m.27 May 1923 Abraham WYMAN b.15 Apr 1895; d.29 Jan 1958 Los Angeles CA

Eugene Lester WYMAN b.21 Jul 1924 Los Angeles CA; d.19 Jan 1973 Los Angeles CA; m.29 Aug 1954 Rosalind Naomi WIENER b.4 Oct 1930

Dr. Milford WYMAN MD b.1930; m. Rae

Harriet KOPLOWITZ  d. aft Jan 1973; m. Abraham WYMAN b.15 Apr 1895; d.29 Jan 1958 Los Angeles CA

Dr. Melvin WYMAN MD

3) Liba LENCZNER b.25 Aug 1878 Szczekociny(Pow Wloszczowa) Kielce, Slaskie, Poland; d.31 Aug 1941 Los Angeles CA

a) m.  Aaron Irvin KALKOPF b.1880 POLAND; d. abt 1919

Esther KALKOPF b.1 5 Jun 1904 Sosnowiec, Katowice, Poland / Schlesien, Germany; d. 6 Feb 1968 La Puente, Los Angeles CA; m. 14 Feb 1928 Collinsville IL Harold Powell MCTEER b.10 May 1901; d.18 Mar 1963 San Bernardino CA

Irvin MCTEER b.20 Nov 1930 Los Banos CA; d.19 Sep 1971 Lynwood, Los Angeles CA; m. 2 Mar 1954 Anita June CHEATHAM b.30 Apr 1926 Sulfa Springs FL

Isadore Leon MCTEER b.23 Aug 1932 San Francisco CA

m.14 Feb 1958 Marie SHERRATT b. 20 Jun 1933 Los Angeles CA


Orville KALBKOP b.10 Apr 1924 St. Louis MO; d.30 Apr 1924 St. Louis MO

Abram KALKOPF b. abt 1906 Poland

Chambeja Chaim Berek KALKOPF b.25 Jul 1909 Sosnowiec Poland

Sura Sara KALKOPF b.10 Sep 1910-Sosnowiec Poland

Cutel Cutla KALKOPF (b.12 Oct 1912-Sosnowiec Poland)

Sotile KALKOPF b. abt 1913 Poland

b) m. 1897 Jacob ‘Jankel’ LIEBERMAN b.28 Nov 1871; d aft Sep 1939

Brucha ‘Birdie’ ‘Bertha’ LIEBERMAN b.24 Mar 1901 Poland (arr. in US 1911); d.16 Jun 1961 St. Louis MO; m.4 Jun 1916 Louis BLUMENFELD b.20 Feb 1893; d.15 Nov 1972 St. Louis MO


BLUMENFELD_St. Louis Post Dispatch Fri. Nov. 5, 1976.jpg

St. Louis Post Dispatch: November 5, 1976

c) m. Moishe FRYMORGEN b.Abt 1888 Sosnowiec, Poland; d. aft Apr 1939

Sylvia Zissel Zysla FRYMORGEN b.22 Feb 1923 Sosnowiec, Poland; d.3 Aug 1997 Los Angeles CA; m.14 Dec 1941 Charles Sam LIPSHULTZ b. 20 Jun 1914; d.19 May 2002 Los Angeles CA

Laraine Frances LIPSHULTZ b.1 Nov 1942 Los Angeles CA; d. 3 May 2007; m.20 Jun 1965 Marvin KAY b. abt 1943

Gerald ‘Jerry’ Howard LIPSHULTZ b.21 Aug 1946 Los Angeles CA; m. abt 1979 Sonia

Marlene Gail LIPSHULTZ b.11 Feb 1951 Los Angeles CA; m. 13 Jun 1971 Michael Steven RAPKIN b.4 Apr 1950 Los Angeles CA

Donna M. LIPSHULTZ b.21 Feb 1958 Los Angeles CA; m.17 Aug 1980 James L. CAGLE b. abt 1956

4) Golda LENCZNER b.10 Oct 1884 Szczekociny Poland; d.15 Aug 1943 Sosnowiec,Poland; m. Izrael David GRYNBAUM

Louis Icchok Lipa GREER b.27 Jul 1923 Sosnowiec POLAND; d.11 Aug 1967 Woodland Hills CA; m.30 Apr 1951 Ronnie Ruth ACK b. 3 Sep 1918; d.13 Aug 2001

Debbie Gail GREER b.8 Jan 1955 Los Angeles CA; m.  ENDERS

Jerry A. GREER b.15 Aug 1960 Los Angeles CA; m. Lisa A. WENTZEL b.12 Oct 1962 Los Angeles CA

Brucha GRYNBAUM b.28 Feb 1925 Sosnowiec, Poland

Charles PIROG d. abt 1998; m. Jeanette


5) Herman LENTZNER b.10 May 1886 Szczekociny, Poland; d.13 Dec 1952 Los Angeles CA; m.18 Aug 1906 Tillie WYMAN b.10 May 1892; d.11 Dec 1969 Los Angeles CA

6) David LENTZNER b.10 Dec 1894; d.12 Mar 1967 Long Beach CA; m. Thelma Tillie Beatrice BLOCK b.10 Nov 1899; d.13 Jul 1970 Los Angeles CA

Eugene L. LENTZNER b. abt 1922; m. Sep 1951 Ann HIKEN. Eugene was at Utah Beach on D-Day and involved in the Battle of the Bulge.

Jay Robert LENTZNER b. abt 1952

Alan Neil LENTZNER b. abt Nov 1954

Gordon R. LENTZNE sp: Judith

7) Rose LENCZNER m. William Kaplen in St. Louis


The village of Szczekociny, Congress Poland, Russian Empire

Map of central Europe showing the towns of Czestochowa and Szczekociny

Szczekociny is not far from the famous pilgrimage town of Czestochowa, where the shrine of the Black Madonna in the Jasna Gora Monastery still draws millions of Catholics every year. Like other towns in Congress Poland, the Jews of Szczekociny were set apart from society, but there does not appear to have been a specific indication any problems there during the years preceding the turn of the 20th Century which would have given Herman Lentzner reason to leave, other than find a better employment opportunities. Indeed, the nearby town of Soscowiec did present such a situation for Herman to get ahead, as it was a major industrial center; in fact Sosnowiec in Congress Poland, was  located in a manufacturing region which might be called the ‘Philadelphia’ of Imperial Russia. Herman’s sister, Liba,was living in Sosnowiec in 1904 when she gave birth to her daughter Esther, the grandmother of Michael McTeer.

Sosnowiec-plants owned by Mr. Holdszynski who was Jewish

The manufacturing region of Congress Poland, where  Sosnowiec was located, was akin to the Eastern Manufacturing Corridor of the US,  a great center where Herman could easily find work. The plant above was owned by one Mr. Holdszynski, who was Jewish.



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