1904 – Herman Arrives in St. Louis, Missouri

Herman’s 1904 voyage from Hamburg to the US took him the Port of Philadelphia PA. There, he would board a train on the Pennsylvania Railroad headed for St. Louis MO. Once again, Herman had avoided the Ellis Island Experience; but in 1924, upon returning from a vacation in Europe, he would finally get his turn!

Palace of Manufacturers

St. Louis Worlds Fair 1904: Palace of Manufacturers. The fair opened on April 30th, shortly before the time Herman arrived in St. Louis

Following his arrival in St. Louis, Herman may have worked for a time with his brother, Adolph ‘Abe’ Lentzner who (in addition to being a diamond merchant) had a clothing business there. The following List of Buyers ad from the New York Times of July 29, 1913 shows an A. Lentzner owning the Milford Cloak and Suit Co. in St. Louis, MO.


List of Buyers ad, July 29, 1913

Sale of the Milford Cloak and Suit Company:

American Cloak and Suit Review, 1915, Volume 9, Page 152  “The interest held by Messrs. LENTZNER, SCHWARTZ and JACOBS in the Milford  Garment Co., at 716 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., has been purchased by  Louis RUBENSTEIN and M. STERNBERG. Mr. STERNBERG, who has for some time been  president of the company, will remain in that position, and Mr. RUBENSTEIN  becomes the secretary and treasurer.”

LENTZNER is Adolph/Abe, the older brother of Herman. By 1920 (census) he is in LA and dies there in 1922. His stepson is Sherly [ICHKOWSKY] LENTZNER . Abe was married second to the widow Mary (NUDELMAN) ICHKOWSKY. They had two children, Milford and Juanita. Milford was born in 1907 so perhaps the store was named after him.

JACOBS is Joel Maurice.  Joel Maurice was married to Mary NUDELMAN ICHKOWSKY LENTZNER’s sister Sadie (NUDELMAN) JACOBS LASKY.

If the SCHWARTZ is Jacob, he is probably the husband of Mary’s sister Rae (NUDELMAN) JACOBS.


Adolph ‘Abe’ Lentzner

LENTZNER_Juanita_FABIAN_Charles_CA_LOS ANGELES_MARR_1937_150dpi_scan0001

Marriage License of Juanita Lentzner, daughter of Aldoph ‘Abe’ Lentzner. In 1937 Juanita was living in San Pedro CA and working in millinery as a salesperson. One can only wonder if she was employed by her uncle, Herman Lentzner.

Evidence of a Lentzner Cloak and Suit Co. is found in New York Times ads for October 2, 1918 and February 12, 1919.  One or both of the Lentzner brothers had gone into business in St. Louis MO with Sam Glicksman, their maternal uncle.


October 2, 1918:

Uncle Herman's Businesses.jpg

February 12, 1919

Samuel ‘Sam’ Glicksman’s brother, Solomon ‘Sol’ Glicksman had a business in Philadelphia. Herman’s first trip to America was actually spent with his Uncle Sol in Philly. Herman Lentzner’s mother, Gitil was Sam and Sol’s sister. Sam’s son, Robert Glicksman, was married to Birdie Soltz; and Birdie’s sister, Fagye Pagye Soltz was married to Isadore ‘Bud. Whiser.

Michael McTeer has this to say:

Sol and Sam GLICKSMAN are the same person as far as I know. ‘Samuel’ apparently is the original immigrant who established the beach head and sponsored the first arrivals.

I am quite certain that the two “S” GLICKSMANs are indeed “Samuel”. It is confusing. According to one document, Samuel had another brother in Philly, Simon, but I was unable to track him further. And according to Hal GLICKSMAN, his grandfather was “Shia” GLIKSMAN (Samuel’s brother). However I do not know if he ever came to the US.

In an interesting photo from the Los Angeles Times, Bud Whiser is shown with the singer and composer, Tony Martin (born Alvin Morris), and Philip Kurtzman. It so happens that Philip had a brother Jack ‘Jake’ Kurtzman whose daughter Dorice, was married to Harold Weiner.

Harold was the son of Barnett ‘Barney’ Weiner and Jessie Miller. Barney’s 2nd wife was Leila ‘Tuti’ Brin / Kantoff / Green,  the mother of Sandra Kantoff Bonar.


Lentzner 1

Advertisement in the St. Louis Post – Dispatch, March 30, 1913


  1. The picture of Adolph/Abe LENTZNER (died 1922, Los Angeles, CA) was provided by the late Judge Wilbur KESSLER, a step grandson of Adolph. His mother was Beatrice (ICHKOWSKY) KESSLER who was a stepdaughter of Adolph by his marriage to Mary (NUDELMAN) ICHKOWSKY LENTZNER. Mary had six children from the first marriage and most of the children used the LENTZNER surname. This image is from a picture postcard which unfortunately was pasted into a photo album (the old black paper style). Apparently the card was from Adolph to wife Mary.

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