1903-04 – Herman’s two trips to America

Herman Lentzner first ventured forth to America in 1903 when he was 20 years old (although he reports that he was 22!). Sailing in steerage on the S.S. Haverford from Liverpool, England on July 29th brought him directly into the Port of Philadelphia PA. The ship’s manifest reports that Herman stayed in Philadelphia with his uncle Solomon Glicksman (Schlomo Gliksman) married to Mary Trager, the former of whom who paid for the trip. Perhaps Herman was there on a business mission, as he returned to Europe during that same year. Herman reports on the manifest that he had been residing in the industrial town of Sosnowiec, not far from his birth place in Szczekociny. It is to be noted that Sosnowiec had both a spinning mill and a dye house, businesses integral to the making of clothing. In fact, Herman states that his profession was that of cloakware maker, that is to say, he made coats.

Herman's Ship to America.jpg

The Steamship Haverford

In the following year, 1904, Herman left Europe a second time. Heading to Hamburg, Germany, he boarded a ship on April 28th, at the very time the World’s Fair was about to open in St. Louis MO. Taking up residence in St. Louis, Herman would engage in business there at a level higher than the owners of shops in the small town of Szczekociny where he was born could ever begin to imagine offering to a young man with such verve.

Mary Trager Glicksman’s brother was Abraham Trager:

FHL 1749657, Vol 55, p 187.jpg



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