Liba Lentzner and the McTeer Family

Liba Lentzner Kalkopf (Kalkop) was Herman Lentzner’s sister, and the mother of Esther Kalkopf, who surprised the family by marrying Harold McTeer, a non Jew. Esther Kalkopf arrived in the US from Sosnowiec, Poland during 1921 and moved in with her half-sister Bertha ‘Birdie’ Lieberman Blumenfeld in St. Louis MO. Esther bore a child (Orville) out of wedlock possibly fathered by Harold McTeer. In any case, Esther’s affair with Harold was instrumental in causing the breakup of his first marriage. Although Harold was not Jewish, his marriage to Esther took place before a rabbi.


1933: Herman Lentzner interacting with his sister Liba, her daughter Esther, and Esther’s husband, Harold McTeer.



Liba Lentzner Kalkop, mother of Esther Kalkopf


Death Certificate of Esther Kalkop’s son Orville, born out of wedlock and fathered by Harold McTeer. Orville died 20 days after his birth.

Esther’s grandson, Michael McTeer, grew up with little knowledge of the Jewish side of his family.  When Michael McTeer and Charles Lehrer joined forces in Spring of 2008, they were able to reconstruct together the rich historical background of their extended family, which had materialized more than a century earlier through the marriage of Herman Lentzner, Michael McTeer’s great uncle, to Tillie Wyman, Nancy Bonar Lehrer’s great aunt.

There was yet another connection between Michael and Nancy: in 1939, Michael’s grandparents, Harold and Esther McTeer, stood as witnesses for Margie and Sam Bonar’s naturalizations in Los Angeles. Margie was Nancy Bonar Lehrer’s grandmother and Tillie Wyman’s half-sister.


Harold McTeer with his wife, Esther Kalkopf McTeer.


Esther Kalkopf McTeer and her son, Irvin McTeer. The latter was the  father of Michael, Jon, and Susan McTeer.

Esther Kalkopf McTeer was a cook by profession. In 1930 she was employed in Berkeley, CA at the home of Arnold Mount, president of the  Bank of Italy (now Bank of America). The US Census for Berkeley 1930 follows with all the details. In addition, Michael McTeer reports: ” Think I mentioned the story my Uncle Leon told about his mother, Esther McTeer, and Charles Lindbergh. It was sketchy without details. He said Esther was a fabulous cook and when the aviator returned to St. Louis after his famous solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, she cooked him a meal. But Leon did not provided any details about the circumstances .”




McTEER_Thomas STRONG, Harold P, Esther (KALKOPF), & Irvin McTEER & Patricia D STRONG_29Palms, CA late 1950s_300dpi_scan0026

29 Palms, CA late 1950s. l-r: Thomas Strong, Harold McTeer, Esther Kalkopf McTeer, Irvin McTeer, and Patricia Strong. Thomas and Patricia Strong, were the children of Irvin McTeer’s wife, Anita, from her first marriage.

Patricia, Bridget, Susan, Jon, Michael.jpg

The children of Anita June Cheatham: Patricia, Bridget, Susan, Jon and Michael. The latter three are Anita’s progeny by Irvin McTeer, son of Esther Kalkopf McTeer. Herman Lentzner, was their great uncle.

Michael McTeer passport.jpg

Michael McTeer who, together with Charles Lehrer, worked out the subtleties within the genealogy of the Lentzner and Wyman Families

Bridget, Thomas, Patricia, Mich, mother Anita, Jon and Susan

The McTeer Family: Bridget, Thomas, Patricia, Mich, mother Anita, Jon and Susan. Jon and Susan are descendants of Herman Lentzner’s sister, Liba Lentzner Kalkopf. Their father was Irvin McTeer, the son of Harold McTeer and Esther Kalkopf.



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