Immigration from Congress Poland to the US via the Port of Hamburg

Hamburg, in the German Empire, was an important port of exit from Europe before World War I. It was from there that the ships of the Hamburg America Line sailed to the US. The ports of entry for this line were located in Boston MA, Hoboken NJ (across from New York) and Philadelphia PA.

An extraordinarily large number of ships landed at the terminal in Hoboken NJ. From there, passengers were ferried to nearby Ellis Island. After being cleared through Ellis Island the passengers took a short ferry ride back to Hoboken where trains from virtually all the major railroads of the country waited to take these new arrivals to cities such as Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Vancouver BC, and Los Angeles. As there were a plethora of railroads to choose from in Hoboken, immigrants needed explicit instructions from their sponsors on which route to take.

Reconstruction of the port facilities at Hamburg as they were during the era of immigration to America

See more on the Hamburg-American Line Piers in Hoboken, New Jersey from 1880 to 1910

The Ellis Island Experience (click on this photograph)

Centrail RR of NJ Terminal.jpg

The Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal on the New Jersey waterfront near Ellis Island



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