The Santa Monica Beach Photographs

The Bonar Family photo collection contains multiple images of Herman and Tillie Lentzner, together with Margie and Jack Gruenberg and several friends, which were taken on the beach in Santa Monica Beach, most- probably in the summer of 1926 before Margie and Jack got married.

Margie and Herman Lentzner.jpg

Herman Lentzner on the beach in Santa Monica, CA with his sister-in-law Margie Steinman (Masza Szteynman)

More beach 3

l-r: Margie Steinman, Anna Goodman, Anna’s son, Herman, Tillie

Margie, Tilly, Herman and the Goodmans.jpg

On the Beach in Santa Monica; L-R: Margie Steinman, Tillie and Herman Lentzner, Ed and Anna Goodman and their son. The Santa Monica Pier is in the background. Anne Goodman managed a store in Hollywood called ‘Annie’s.’

Historic photo of the Santa Monica Pier showing the landmark Racing Roller Coaster and the Looff Hippodrome, the latter of which housed one of Charles Looff’s carousels. The pier was completed in 1916. (photo taken 1925)

Margie, Jack G, Herman

In the foreground: Margie Steinman and her husband-to-be, Jacob ‘Jack’ Gruenberg, along with Herman Lentzner; standing in back of them: Tillie Lentzner with Anna Goodman and her son.

The photograph above might have been staged: It would appear that Margie and Jack have just announced their engagement. Tillie applauds enthusiastically; Anne is teasing; but Herman, with a very fatherly visage, looks like he just made Jack an offer he cannot refuse. Comically, Anne’s son stands at the ready with his cap pistol (the shotgun)!


Owner of a Dress Shop on Hollywood Boulevard near one of Herman Lentzner’s Millinery Stores



l-r: back row Tilly Lentzner, Anna’s son Stanley, Anna Goodman. Margie Steinman Gruenberg in front.

Tilly, Goodmans, and Margie

l-r: back row Unknown, Margie Steinman, Anna’ son Stanley. In front: Tilly Lentzner, Anna Goodman


Anna Goodman with her husband, Ed, and their son


Edward Goodman’s Naturalization Card of 1905.

New Discoveries_0119-at Rose Rosenbaum Selma, Ann Goodman, Margie, Sarah

Selma Wyman Brustin, Anna Goodman, Margie Steinman Bonar, Sarah Wyman at Rose Wyman Rosenbaum’s home in 1947

Ed and Ann Goodman-1947

Edward and Anna Goodman, Margie Steinman Bonar and Merrill Bonar at Rose Wyman Rosenbaum’s home in 1947

Anna Goodman's Dress Shop

Anna Goodman’s 1939 Dress Shop on Hollywood Boulevard, now occupied by Ramodi’s. Herman Lentzner’s millinery store was located on the ground floor of the tall white building down the street to the right.

Anna GOODMAN (d. Oct. 11, 1967), wife of Edward N. GOODMAN, was the daughter of Samuel/Saul and Sophie (WEISBERG) ZUCKERMAN of St. Louis. Her addresses in Los Angeles:

Anna’s Home:

(1932) GOODMAN Anna slswn r1829 S Marvin, Los Angeles, CA

(1932) GOODMAN Edw N slsmn L A Underwriters Inc r1829 Marvin av, Los Angeles, CA

(1936) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) h702 Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA

(1938) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) slsmn h702 N Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA

(1939) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) slsmn Mrs Anna GOODMAN h702 Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles CA

(1942) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) h325 N Hayworth Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Anna’s Dress Shop

(1939) GOODMAN Anna Mrs dresses 6632 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

(1942) GOODMAN Edw N (Anna) dresses 6510 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Her son, Stanley:

(1936, 1938, 1939) GOODMAN Stanley r702 Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA

(1942) GOODMAN Stanley fireman LAFD r325 N Hayworth Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Anna Zuckerman Goodman’s parents were immigrants from Poland who came to the US about 1890. Anna was born in Missouri and had at least two children: Stanley born in Missouri in 1916 and Marcia Ruth born in CA in 1932. Marcia Ruth married Richard H. ANDERSON in Aug 1954. Edward Goodman, Anna husband, was an immigrant from Hungary who came to the US in 1900. Anna and Ed moved from MO to CA between the 1920 and 1930 censuses. So, Anna would have first been known to Herman and Tillie in St. Louis.

Zela ICHKOWSKY (1896-1980) was the daughter of Barris and Mary (NUDELMAN) ICHKOWSKY. Mary Nudleman’s 2nd husband was Adolph/Abe LENTZNER making Zela the stepdaughter of Adolph Lentzner and the step-niece of Herman Lentzner. After the death of Zela’s 1st husband, one Mr. CROOK (died in the 1918 flu), she married Jules Peter ZUCKERMAN (1895-1983) son of Simon and Rosa (BARNETT) ZUCKERMAN of St. Louis.

Perhaps it was Zela, step-niece of Herman Lentzner and married to a Zuckerman, who first introduced Anna Zuckerman Goodman to Herman Lentzner in St. Louis.

ZUCKERMAN_Sophia Zuckerman, St Louis Post-Dispatch 26 oct 1921 p24 col d

Obit for Anna Goodman’s mother, Sophia Zuckerman. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 26, 1921


  1. How ironic that the Santa Monica Pier is in these photos. My mother, Diana (Koplowitz) Cherman, daughter of Herman & Sarah (Goldsmith) Koplowitz, was instrumental in saving the Pier in the 1970s when it was in danger of being torn down. In 2009 she received an award for her work in doing that and her name appears in a book about the Pier by James Harris.

  2. Thank you for these photos- I am going to show them to my Uncle Stanley now 99 and living in Hollywood family home that my Grandmother- Anna, Grandfather- Ed bought in 1940. They are taken prior to the birth of my Mom Marcia in 1932.

    Dave Anderson (son of Marcia Goodman)

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