Summary: The Lentzner and Wyman Families

When Herman Lentzner married Tillie Wyman, he came into contact with a family whose roots were very much like his own: for one thing, not a single one of his Wyman contemporaries could read or write. And the shtetl of Łosice, from which the Wymans emigrated to America, resembled Herman’s own hometown of Szczekociny. Indeed, tailoring was the primary occupation of practically every family living in Łosice, and this became the very first field in which Herman would occupy himself during his early years in America in the city of St. Louis.

By 1926 we find Herman and Tillie in Los Angeles at the very time when the city was experiencing tremendous expansion. It was then that the oil wells were going full tilt, land was selling like hotcakes, and the movie studios were first experimenting with sound. It was the day when women wore fabulous hats, and Herman would not miss the chance to market such valued merchandise in several of his millinery stores staffed by two of the Wyman girls: his wife, Tillie and her sister, Rose.

Although, the Wyman girls did not have children, their brother Jake, and half-sister Margie did. In addition, their Wyman cousins were also quite prolific.

Several among this latter generation would really ‘shake things up’ in Los Angeles: one would work in a law firm dealing with artists in the TV and film industries, indeed the wife of the same Wyman cousin would bring the Brooklyn Dodgers to LA, and the son of another relative would play host to the most famous performer in the US.

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  1. Greetings. I have been doing some research into my family tree (belatedly, after my parents died), and stumbled on your website. It appears my family links to yours with a branch not shown on your otherwise incredibly detailed website.

    In your summary of the Lentzner and Wyman Families, you show the offspring of Schirrul Koplowitz and Brucha Lentzner being Herman, Carl, Henry, Betty and Harriet (all names I am familiar with). A sixth sibling, Harry, is not shown (and there may have been more).

    I am Harry Koplowitz’s grandson, i.e., first cousin once removed from Gene Wyman. I think Herman Lentzner and maybe Glickman helped Harry get in the schmata business in St. Louis. Harry had a daughter and three sons, including my dad, Julius (first cousin to Gene), who was born in Valier, Ill., and grew up in St. Louis, and knew Abe and Harriet Wyman when they lived in Du Quoin, Ill. Everyone was in the dress business.

    I would be happy to fill you in on the Koplowitzes I am aware of. I’m interested in finding out anything about Schirrul Koplowitz and Brucha Lentzner, and seeing if I can go back another generation. While going through my parents things, I came across some unidentified old pictures that may be of that generation. If interested, I will scan and send them to you to see if you can recognize any of them. There may be a picture of Schirrul and Brucha (not sure on spellings from your tiny captions), and of their children.

    Maybe you can answer if I am related to Herman Lentzner, or to either of you or the Bonar clan. As fate would have it, I live in Los Angeles, but will be moving soon to Florida.

    Anyway, fascinating website that gives me lots more to research. A relative once told my dad our family comes from Szczecin or Stargard Szczecinski, Poland, which may be another spelling for Szczekociny.

    Hope to hear from you.

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