Merrill as a teenager in Glassmans Market.jpg

Merrill Bonar in Glassman's Market, circa 1945

Merrill Bonar loves to tell family stories…all kinds of tales: how his step-dad, Sam, took him on road trips to pick up produce, how the movie studio personnel treated him at his Hollywood grocery market-delicatessen, and especially, most especially how his flamboyant Uncle Herman did business.

Upon hearing Merrill’s descriptions of his forebears, one always gets the feeling there has to be more to his legends. What were the contexts in which they occurred, what did others think of the people whom Merrill was describing, and were there some secrets he was holding back?

Therefore, this site is a joint effort on the part of two interested members of Merrill Bonar’s extended family to bring together all the available documentation relating to the Bonar Family of Los Angeles and its six interconnected branches in order to illuminate Merrill’s stories.

The result is a documentary history of Merrill Bonar’s Family. It includes a rich collection of interviews, rare papers, and a trove of outstanding photographs taken over a period of 100 years. Its assemblage has as its final destination, Merrill’s youngest descendants, at present writing, five prodigious grandchildren.


Chick Lehrer and Michael McTeer

Thousand Oaks and 29 Palms CA, 2009


  1. I have been doing some genealogy research which has led me to the Brin family on your pages. Would love to be in touch with someone from the family. Please email me.

  2. Michael,
    My maternal grandparents were Herman & Sarah (Goldsmith) Koplowitz. My mother is Diana (Koplowitz) Cherman. More info can be provided by personal e-mail.
    Carol Cherman

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