Wyman / Steinman

Introduction: Łosice [Lyushets] in Congress Poland

The Polish-Soviet War of 1917-1920 and the Łosice Massacre

The Holocaust: Martyrs and Survivors in the Wyman Family

Photographs of Still Unknown Family Members

Margie Steinman: Biography

Margie’s Wyman Relatives from Łosice

Summary: Wyman-Steinman to Gruenberg-Bonar

  1. My congratulations to you and Michael. A great deal of hard work has gone into this research. I am very impressed. I realize that I have much more to do regarding my own families’ history.

  2. Our organization, Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project (PJCRP),restored the Losice cemetery in 2008 with the tremendous support, interest, persistence and courage of Viktor Lewin. The restored Losice cemetery stands today as one of the most beautiful in all of Poland.

    In Sept. 2011 the PJCRP will be sponsoring a Tour of Jewish Historic Sites in Poland, including a special visit to Losice. We especially welcome Losice descendants to participate in this event.

    Dr. Norman Weinberg
    Executive Coordinator
    Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project

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