Introduction: Łosice (לאָשיץ) in Congress Poland

Tillie, Jacob and Rose Wyman (Wajman) and their half-sister Margie Steinman (Masza Szteynman) were all born in Łosice (pronounced Woh-sheet-seh), Congress Poland, the latter of which was a kingdom which belonged to Imperial Russia. In Yiddish, the town was known as Lyushets (Loyshetz).

Map Losice today

The village of Łosice sits within a highly agricultural area of eastern Poland.


Łosice is c. 80 miles east of Warsaw.

Losice to Antwerp

Łosice in relation to northern Europe.

The most important source of income in Łosice was tailoring, an occupation Margie would follow later in St. Louis and in Los Angeles. According to an inquiry made in 1921, the year that Margie left for St. Louis, 152 Jews were employed in Łosice as tailors in 55 tailor shops; there were also an additional 51 tailor shops where only the owners and their families worked. According to the report, Łosice’s economy supported 9 workers in the food industry, but very few in the building trades, saddlery, and other handicrafts. A small group worked in the tobacco industry.

The marketplace in Łosice, Poland (1924) from the We Remember Jewish Łosice website

Street plan of Łosice during the time when the Wyman / Steinman Family lived there. The entire shtetl is about the size of the UCLA Campus. Map drawn by Viktor Lewin for the We Remember Jewish Łosice website.

Map showing Łosice which is located 85 miles to the east of Warsaw

The Łosice Jewish Cemetery (2008) photo: Viktor Lewin, We Remember Jewish Łosice website

The above photograph of the Jewish Cemetery in Łosice shows the recently-constructed walls and gates. This is where the forbears of the Wajman [Wyman] and Szteynman [Steinman] Families are interred. Because Ashkenazic Jews did not take surnames until the early 1800s, locating the graves of specific family members here is nearly impossible without a genealogical chart.



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