Summary: Wyman-Steinman to Gruenberg-Bonar

Selma, Irving Rosenberg, Margie Kaitz, Blanche Wyman, Tillie Lentzner, Rose Rosenbaum.jpg

Several Wyman cousins – L to R: Selma Wyman Brustin, Isaac ‘Ishah’ Rosenberg (a Holocaust survivor), Margie Steinman Kaitz, Blanche Blatt Wyman, Tillie Wyman Lentzner, Rose Wyman Rosenbaum.

New Discoveries_0067

WYMAN POWER! This photo taken at Herman and Tillie Lentzner’s Los Feliz home includes (l-r) Sarah, Belle, unknown, Rose, Blanche, Tilly, and Margie.

The history of the Bonar Family reaches its apogee in the story of Gruenberg / Bonar Family which follows. For it is here that the ethos of the foregoing families will coalesce. And from a happy union within the Gruenberg circle will come forth three children of extraordinary gifts, whose lives, and those of their children, serve as a reflection of much of what has come before them.

Fam Tree Wyman01.jpg

Fam Tree Wyman02.jpg


  1. David Mark Wyman, here. I am the son of Louis Wyman, whose parents are Jacob Wyman and Blanche Blatt. My father married Theresa Hudak, my mother.

    I am married to Kathleen Burke. Our children are Rebecca and Nora.

    My brother is Daniel Mark Wyman. He married Susan Shatanoff. There children are Jason and Alyssa.

    • Dan Wyman here.

      Dave got it right except that my daughter’s name is spelled Alisa. Alisa is 19. She’s currently attending UCLA. Her brother Jason, 23, also attended UCLA.

  2. What was I smoking when I wrote the above comments?

    Dan’s middle name is Matthew, and his marriage to Susan is in the present tense as of this comment. And “their” children are still Jason and Alyssa.

    Update on Rebecca Wyman, my daughter. She married Lee Gold in March, 2011. They live in Brooklyn. She works as a project manager at the L’Oreal corporation in Manhattan.

    Nora Wyman, my younger daughter, is working as an actress (t.v. and radio commercials, video game voices) and as a waitress at Scarpetta, part of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

  3. Like I said, what WAS I smoking?!?

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